SA’s First Halaal Cosmetic brand + Must have shampoo for Hijabis

A few weeks ago, I attended the Iba Halal Care launch, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Durban, where I got to enjoy some yummy treats, a hot cup of tea and learn all about the first Halaal cosmetic brand to hit South African shores.


Creams and lotions, face washes, shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, cosmetics such as lipsticks and kajal, and exotic fragrances are amongst some of the products that are produced by Iba Halal Care.

And every single one of their products are free of non-halal ingredients such as pig fat, other animal derived ingredients such as lanolin, keratin, Gelatin, as well as Alcohol, and harsh chemicals like Sulfates and Parabens – which means it’s perfect for us as muslims! Iba’s products are also purely vegan and animal cruelty free which is always appreciated!

At the launch, we got to play around and test out the various products and we even got to take home a pretty great goodie bag. And I have to admit, that I absolutely ADORE the Covered Hair shampoo. Never in my life have I ever loved a shampoo this much.
It’s formulated with Black Seed Oil, Neem Oil and both Aloe and Amla extract and is just simply amazing for your hair. 

And if your hair is covered 99.9% of the time, like mine, then you’ll know that your hair can really get brittle, lose its shine and just be so unhealthy – but honestly, the shampoo brings your hair back to life. I absolutely adore it! And btw, it smells pretty too! 

If you want to learn more about Iba or would like to try out some of their products for yourself, you can head on over to their website here. Their online store is pretty simple to navigate so you’ll definitely find your way around – and if you’re thinking about whether to purchase their lipsticks or not, I rate that you go for it. I’ve tried it and can honestly say that it’s long lasting and has a great colour payoff! 

And I just had to share a few of the images of the launch – wasn’t it pretty? 


2 thoughts on “SA’s First Halaal Cosmetic brand + Must have shampoo for Hijabis

  1. Makeup_A_Storm says:

    Looks pretty awesome! Gonna go check out what they have.

    On another note, I actually find my hair to be pretty healthy from being covered most of the time? It’s protected from the sun and doesn’t get damaged from heat styling as often as it did before I started wearing hijaab
    That being said I do take good care of my hair with masks and I like to apply a little bit of oil to the length and ends of my damp hair 🙂

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