Kimono Wrap Abaya {OOTD}

Abayas are not really my forte. I don’t wear them often nor do I own many but the Kimono Wrap Abaya from Damasq has definitely made me rethink abayas.

Effortless, modest, fashionable and beautiful is how I would define the Kimono Wrap Abaya. It’s so simple and yet so elegant and you’re literally cannot go wrong with it.

The ‘wrap’ abaya concept is quite nifty too as you can easily put it on or take it off without messing up your hijab and if you need to make wudhu you can easily slip it off and back on again without much effort. It’s even perfect for pregnant women and nursing moms!

I decided to play down this look and keep it quite monotone. I’ve paired the abaya with a simple pair of black jeggings, criss-cross heels and a plain black maxi hijab.


I love that the abaya allows you to show off your heels/pumps and considering that it is somewhat of a hi-low variant, you never have to worry about tripping over.


You could also substitute the jeggings for a straight maxi skirt or even a poofy,tulle skirt to add a little flair and the way in which you ‘wrap’ your abaya is totally up to you too, you can either tie to the back or to the side, like I have.

I love finding pieces, like the Kimono Wrap Abaya, that is so versatile and flexible enough to meet the needs of individuals with varying styles.

However, the best feature of this abaya has got to be it’s retail price. Abayas are usually really expensive and therefore not  accessible by those with a lower budget – but for only R649 I can’t understand why you don’t already own it? Definitely a must-have for every modest fashion lover!

Scarf: Hijabi

Abaya:Damasq (soon to be restocked)

Heels: Zando



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