Delayed Sun Damage + POND’S UV Bracelet 

Like many other women out there, I didn’t even know that the effects of delayed sun damage was real until POND’S challenged me to wear their UV bracelet for a day, whilst continuing with my daily activities, to basically track the effect that the sun had on my bracelet – and the results were shocking.

But before we get into the results, I’m sure you all must have the same question on your mind –  what does Delayed Sun Damage really mean? Well, scientists have recently discovered that exposure to the sun, even if it is for a brief period of time, can have damaging effects on your skin for up to 12 hours after sun exposure – yup, totally mind-blowing I know.

This is the reason why many of us suffer from rough skin, uneven skin tone, dark marks and overall dullness in the skin – and the UV bracelet, further proved that all of the above is the ultimate truth.

The colour of the bracelet indicates the level of sun damage – yellow indicating low damage, peach indicating moderate damage and pink indicating very high damage. So, in order to record the total effects of delayed sun damage, I wore the bracelet even after the sun had gone down, so basically from about 7:30 in the morning to about 9 at night.

I monitored the colour changes of my bracelet by snapping a picture whenever changes were noted in the bracelet.
To  start it all off, this is what my bracelet looked like when I first put it on in the morning, a very bright yellow shade and considering that I spent my whole morning indoors, it stayed this shade until about lunch time which was when I ventured outside to enjoy some sunlight.

During lunch, I was exposed to the sun for about 20 minutes and after the first 15 minutes of being in the sun, I already noted a major change in my bracelet – it was now a very peach-ish shade.

After venturing back indoors until about 5pm, I noted no differences in my bracelet, it had retained the same shade of peach and hadn’t changed back to its normal bright yellow hue, like I had expected.

At about 9pm, just before removing the bracelet, once again, I noted that the bracelet had still retained its shade of peach and hadn’t got any lighter. And that’s when it all clicked – the effects of sun damage is long lasting. Even a simple 15 minutes in the sun can really damage your skin and this is why it so important to take of our skin and use the correct products to prevent the sun from harming our very precious an sensitive skin. In the next 2 weeks, I’ll be revealing to you guys the perfect skincare range that will assist you in preventing and curing the effects of delayed sun damage as well as a chance to win the entire range for yourself – so keep your eyes peeled!


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