Male Beauty: Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion Review

Yup, I can finally confirm that this week is officially ‘Vaseline Week‘ on Veiled Beauty. With a male beauty product review today, the giveaway going live yesterday and of course, a little bit more about the great things that the Vaseline + Direct Relief Healing Project is achieving, tomorrow – so I really hope you guys do enjoy! Now on to the review..

A few weeks ago, I received a little package from Vaseline containing  their MENbody Extra Strength Lotion, for Sohail (read more about our male beauty reviewer here), to try out for 5 days and then share his results with you guys!
The Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion is a fast absorbing and non-greasy lotion formulated to deeply moisturize and relieve very dry skin and is infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline BLUESEAL Jelly that assists in restoring dry and damaged skin. 

Stronger, smoother and more restored skin is what this lotion aims to achieve to make your other half a Man of Extra Strength.

And so, here’s what Sohail had to say, after using the product for 5 days: 

“Honestly, before using the Vaseline lotion my body was extremely dry as well as itchy (mostly because I’m guilty of depriving my skin of lotion and moisturizer) and considering that I have been only using the lotion for about a week now, the results really are fantastic. 

I’ve been using the product every morning and evening and my skin feels so much smoother, it’s not dry and neither does it itch anymore. I’ve noticed a major change particularly around the elbow and knee area which can tend to get extremely dry, these areas are now really soft and smooth.

I particularly loved how moisturizing the lotion was and the fact that it absorbed easily into my skin once applied.

I also really enjoyed the fragrance of the product, it wasn’t too overwhelming like fragrances of other lotions tend to be and the easiness of getting the product out of the bottle was really a plus – there was no wastage of product or time.

Overall, this is definitely a product that is worth buying, its appropriate for everyday use and I will definitely recommend it to my fellow male counterparts!”

Don’t forget to enter the Vaseline giveaway on the blog here


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