{Video} 10 Beauty Hacks using Vaseline

Whether you’ve used Vaseline to moisturize rough knees and elbows prevent the burning sensation from a wound or as a lip moisturizer when you were too young to use/purchase your own lip balms, we all know that you’ve used and loved it too.
So, to honour the legacy that is Vaseline, today I’ll be sharing with you guys 10 Beauty Hacks using  Vaseline!

1. Taming unruly brows
I’m lucky that I have very well-behaved, fine eyebrows so I don’t have an issue with unruly brows. But if your brows tend to get wild and crazy, dab some Vaseline on to your brows and brush into place with a clean mascara brush or a brow brush and your brows will be obedient all day – promise!

2. Softening cuticles
Cuticles are the rather unattractive, hard, dry and dead skin that you will find around the base of your fingernails – and is a schlep to deal with. However, I found that slathering some Vaseline onto the cuticles and covering it up with a pair of moisturizing hand gloves overnight , really helps to soften the cuticles making it easier to trim away. And if you don’t have a pair of gloves within reach, just apply the Vaseline to the cuticles but ensure that you don’t get any on your pillow case or bed sheets!

3. Removing dry mascara
If, like me, you tend to wipe your mascara brush against the opening of your mascara tube to get rid of any excess product on the brush – you’d soon realize that after 2 weeks or so, you have a ton off hard, dried up mascara surrounding the edge of the mascara tube. Yup, totally disgusting and unhygienic. Using your fingers, apply Vaseline to the outside of the tube making certain that you don’t get any into the tube, and then cover the top of the tube with a facial tissue and turn your hand clockwise and counter-clockwise to loosen up and wipe away any dried up mascara.

4. Preventing nail polish bleeds
If you’re an avid nail polish user but somehow can’t seem to attain a perfectly polished nail then Vaseline is the solution. Before painting your nails, carefully apply Vaseline to the skin closest to your nails using a cotton bud and after painting your nails, use a clean cotton bud and simply wipe away any nail polish that has bled onto your skin. The Vaseline will ensure that the nail polish doesn’t dry onto your skin, allowing you to clean it up with ease and to achieve those perfectly polished nails.

5. Achieving soft, supple lips
Dried, cracked lips is not only unsightly but frustrating and annoying too – you always find yourself worsening the situation by licking your lips to ‘rehydrate’ it or biting off any excess skin that might be visible. To aid in achieving those much desired soft and supple lips, apply a layer of Vaseline to the lips and using your index finger and some sugar, gently exfoliate both the upper and lower lips in a circular motion for about 30 seconds each. When you are done, rinse your lip area, pat dry with a face towel and enjoy your newly scrubbed, luscious lips.

6. Soothing skin after threading or waxing
Ugh, even though that monthly visit to your beautician is the most rewarding, it’s the most painful too. Whether your visit entails threading your upper lip or waxing your legs (or both!), we know just how agonizing the after-effects of hair removal is. Applying a thick layer of Vaseline on your legs or upper lip can really help to soothe that burning sensation and prevent the skin from bruising too – you may have a Vaseline ‘tache for the night but hey, at least you aren’t in pain anymore.

And click play to check out the other 4 Beauty Hacks below:

And that’s it for 10 of my best beauty hacks using  Vaseline! Don’t forget to enter to win a Vaseline hamper here!


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