{Video} 10 Beauty Hacks using Vaseline

Whether you’ve used Vaseline to moisturize rough knees and elbows prevent the burning sensation from a wound or as a lip moisturizer when you were too young to use/purchase your own lip balms, we all know that you’ve used and loved it too.
So, to honour the legacy that is Vaseline, today I’ll be sharing with you guys 10 Beauty Hacks using  Vaseline!
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Tried and Tested: Best affordable lip balm for dry, chapped lips

A while ago, I told you guys all about the Blistex Simplex and Sensitive Lip Balm which really did wonders for my dry, chapped lips – it even reversed the darkness on my lips caused by a lipgloss that I tried out. Anyway, even though I really loved it, I felt that paying +/- R50 for 5ml balm that only lasts me about 2 months wasn’t really worth it. So I set out to find its dupe . And lo and behold, I did.

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