The rotating makeup organizer available from Gumtree’s Mobile App

I’ve opened you guys up to the idea of shopping on Gumtree a few months ago and now they’ve made shopping with them even easier by launching their very own mobile app! Plus, I’ve found an amazing rotating makeup organizer on the app which I’ll tell you more about a little later in this post!

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I’m taking ‘note’ with the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 #MissionSamsung

For the past week, I have had the pleasure of being the temporary owner of an amazing Phablet (phone+tablet), the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 – and to be honest, it pains me to think about giving it back.IMG_2246

I’ve always believed that frikken’ fab technology is the way forward but I never got to experience anything as mind-blowing as the Note 4. Those of you who know me, will know that I’ve promised myself to a certain brand for the past couple of years – I’ve literally sworn off any other brands including Samsung but this phablet has drastically changed things for me.

Perhaps when you go on to the Samsung website and read about the ‘normal’ features that the Note 4 offers you, you may think ‘Eh, it’s average. Ain’t nothing that special about it.’, but when you actually hold it, in your hands, only then will you know of everything that it offers you.

I could tell you that it has an awesome 16MP rear camera, the screen quality is ridiculously amazing and that the huge screen is great for stalking on Instagram too – but how much does that impress you? Yeah, I knew it, that doesn’t impress you at all. But the GALAXY Note 4 is so much more than a great screen and a phenomenal camera.

It has a very handy stylus – or an advanced S Pen as dubbed by Samsung – that makes scrolling, selecting and writing a breeze. It isn’t too skinny or too chubby to use and it fits perfectly into the back of the Note 4, ensuring that it’s always there when you need it.
I particularly love using the S Pen with the S Note app, I think it’s just so brilliant. To be honest if I owned a Note 4, I wouldn’t need a notebook again. It’s so simple and easy, just to pull this device out, slide the S Pen out of the Note 4 and in between your fingers and begin writing – well digitally writing. I can’t even imagine how much simpler my university life would’ve been – no books for lecture notes, just one little device!IMG_2527-0

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is another feature that made me fall in love with this fab Phablet! And even if the battery life wasn’t as good, the charging speed is lightening fast. It takes just 31minutes to reach 50% of battery life, whilst most devices need about an hour! I always forget to charge my phone, I remember charging my phone at campus every morning because I forgot to do so the night before. But with the Note 4, you can wake up, plug it in to charge, shower, get ready and eat and it probably would’ve reached about 70% of battery life by then – it truly does simplify your life.

And if you’re a selfie/ussie/groupie person then you will absolutely adore the selfie and wide-selfie mode available on the front camera of the Samsung GALAXY Note 4. It has a no-shake effect so no more blurry pics and to snap a selfie all you’ve got to do is lightly tap the screen or the back sensor – no more struggling to press the camera button!
The wide-selfie feature is quite cool too, I have an awesome wide-selfie planned so hopefully I’ll get that done and share it with you guys later today! It can probably fit about 7/8 people into the groupie/ussie without a hitch – so there isn’t really a need for a selfie stick!

The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 also has a pedometer (instrument that records the number of steps taken) and a heart rate monitor which obvi measures your heart rate. It also has a UV sensor which I think is the most genius idea ever, so now you will always know just how strong the sun’s rays are and the likelihood of a suntan/sunburn.IMG_2534


The rear camera is 16MP, as mentioned before, and produces some rad images. I snapped just a few using the rear camera, just so that you can get a feel for the image quality of the Note 4:IMG_250920150210_15253920150210_153821IMG_2511


In a nutshell, if you’re a technogeek or just a regular Joe that’s looking to make your life simpler, the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 is for you! So easy and fun to use, here’s hoping I get to keep one!


Gumtree is making relocating within SA that much simpler {Sponsored}

After finishing university, I had (and still have) a lot to think about – whether I want to further my studies or start working? And most importantly, if I’m willing to relocate, if I find an awesome job that isn’t in Durban.

When thinking about relocating, there are tons of factors to consider. But I think the most important thing to consider and research, is the area in which you plan to live in, in the new city.
This area needs to be close to your workplace, close to shopping malls and convenience stores as well as be safe and within your budget.

Unfortunately, it is kind of nonsensical to make the move to the new city first and then decide on the area you’d like to live in – I mean, what will you do in the mean time? Live in a hotel that charges exorbitant fees for daily rental until you decide? Or bunk with a friend who doesn’t really have room for you but was forced to agree to this temporary living situation for the sake of your friendship? I’m pretty sure that’s not the way that you’d like to begin your adventure in the new city..

The good news is that now you can use the nifty new property tool from Gumtree. This tool, which you can find here, allows you to select a region, city and area that you’re interested in living in and it will calculate the average purchase price and rentals that you can expect to pay if you moved to that area. It’s quite cool actually.IMG_1499-0

I’ve been playing around with it and thought I’d check out how much it would cost to move to the Waterfront in Cape Town and the results were exactly what I was expecting – so the tool really does do what it was designed to do!IMG_1494IMG_1498-0

If you are thinking about making that huge move this year, I suggest selecting a few areas that are the most convenient and closest to your new workplace and then using the Gumtree property tool to determine which of these are inline with your budget. And then all that’s left to do, is find a place to move in to and then make your big move to the new city and live (hopefully) happily ever after!

Or if you’re one of those who dream of moving to a new city or if you’re just curious to know how much a house/rental in another region would cost, you can just go ahead and play around with the Gumtree property toolpssst, I’ll admit, sometimes I do this too, just for fun!



The 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Souk Shopping

I’m sure most of you already know of both the Souks that go down during Dec/Jan in in my hometown, Durban i.e. The Al-Ansaar and the Dubai Souk. And since I’ve been attending both of these Souks for the past couple of years, I thought that I’d share my general do’s and don’ts with those of you who don’t have much experience in shopping at these Souks, so let’s get to it.. shopping-bags

  1. Visit both Souks in the first few days and then on the last day, that way you can spot all of the new bargains on the last day that wasn’t there before.
  2. Buy all of the jelly sweets that you can get your hands on/your wallet can afford! It’s so hard to find genuinely Halaal jellies, so the Souk is always a perfect place to get your guaranteed Halaal stash!
  3. Stock up on those black, non-snag scarf pins. Unless, you’re totally okay with ruining your scarves with those awful safety pins.
  4. Lookout for this one particular stall that sells all kinds of snacks, from Brazil nuts and China Fruit to Dried Mango and the likes. I think the stall is named Mairoon’s, but I could be wrong. Just look for a stall with that name or similar, because the snacks from this stall are amazing!
  5. Try out the variety of ice-cream from Randeree’s Homemade Icecream and from Scoopmesmore. Both are totally worth it and not available at any supermarket or store.
  6. Keep your valuables close to you, last year at the Dubai Souk, lots of shoppers had their cellphones and wallets stolen. So,  just a cautionary warning – be wary of those around you and the whereabouts of your valuables.
  7. Carry your own water. No, seriously. Why would you want to pay R12 for a bottle of water that you can get for R3 at Spar? For me, a bottle of water in my bag, is a must-have as I get very thirsty and flustered when shopping at either of the Souks. It’s so busy and crowded and so I always find myself reaching for some water and by  carrying my own, I have more money for shopping! Yay for savveh me 😀
  8. If you find a burka and/or Islamic swimwear that catches your eyes, make sure you grab ’em quick. These sell like hot cakes and defo are an investment as you’ll always need and use both!
  9. If you are a fan of abayas, you can usually find some great bargains at either Souk – just be sure that there aren’t many of that same design available or you might just risk looking like a clone at the next function that you decide to wear that mass-produced abaya to.
  10. Remember to catch all of the live cooking demo’s, entertainment and hijab tutorials – it’s worth taking time out from shopping to grab a seat and watch these live on-stage bits!
  1. Don’t go crazy buying errthing on the first few days of the either souk. Always wait for the bargains on the last day. Last year I picked up maxi scarves for R12 each – yeah you can faint now.
  2. Don’t haggle over every item that you want. The stall owners need to (more than) break-even so you can’t expect their items to be as cheap as chips! If you can’t afford it or not willing to pay the price stated, walk away. However, haggling is allowed if you are interested in buying a large quantity of items from the said stall owner and want a bulk discount – just don’t push it.
  3. Don’t go on any of the rides. It’s ridiculously expensive and honestly isn’t worth it, trust me.
  4. Don’t get emo with food stall employees. They are probably working their butts off to get your food to you on time, but sometimes things can get crazy busy and the influx of orders can be overwhelming for them – so keep your cool and be patient, your food will arrive soon and until it does, I am almost certain that you won’t die of starvation.
  5. Don’t run people over/shove people with your child’s pram. Honestly, I hate people who do this. If you can’t control a pram in such a crowd, leave it at home. No one likes being attacked by a pram wheel, I repeat, NO ONE.
  6. Don’t let your children run wild. This is a souk aka a shopping experience. It isn’t a place for you to forget that you have kids, allowing them to run wildly through the densely packed aisles, bumping into anyone who is in their line of terror. It’s annoying. Hold their hand and keep them close to you, K?
  7. Don’t lose your children. This one ties in with the previous don’t. Every year a large number of kids find themselves at the the Information Centre/Booth in search of their parents who were probably so busy shopping that they didn’t realize their kid is missing. Parents, don’t be a statistic.
  8. Don’t litter. There are tons of bins provided all around the venue, so it shouldn’t take much for you to drop your trash into one of them. No one wants to pick up after you, especially in the food court area.
  9. Don’t mess the bathrooms. Enough said.
  10. Don’t hog the outdoor/food court chairs and tables. Yeah, I get that you got there first and that you need the break from all the shopping, but your shopping bags don’t need their own seat, do they? There’s probably someone who needs a place to sit to enjoy their meal, so it won’t hurt to place your bags on the floor.
  11. And this one is just an extra: Randomly stopping in the middle of an aisle to reconnect with long-lost/close family members should be banned. Others are trying to walk through the aisles to browse and shop and you’re just disrupting the shopping experience. If you want to really chat that much, I suggest moving over to the side or taking it outside – it’s a win-win.

And that’s it! The do’s and don’ts of Souk shopping all in one post, I may have forgotten a few BUT that just calls for another post next year, this time. Have a great time at the Souk! IMG_9118

My scarcity + blog revamp

So, I’ve been a total slacker in regard to blogging this week. But I promise there is a valid reason..

I am revamping/making over my blog 😄

After much deliberation and going back and forth, I decided that it’s time to reinvent GITGH. So you can expect a new look and my very own unique domain name, so bye bye and hello!!

And it’s most likely that I will be changing the name of my blog too. It was a scary thought at first, but I realized that as I grow, my blog needs to grow with me. The concept and content of my blog will remain the same, I just think it’s time for a new name.

GITGH is a mouthful and it doesn’t really speak to what my blog is about – I’m not sure if my blog’s new name will, but it will definitely be much shorter and simpler!

I’m currently working on all the nitty gritty of the revamp, so hopefully the new and improved GITGH (or not GITGH) will be up and running at the beginning of December.
And no worries, you guys will automatically be redirected to the new site, so you won’t miss a thing!

Also, with the new year creeping in, you can expect at least two OOTD posts a month and even some recipe posts and more DIY’s. I know that I’ve been promising this for ages but I’ve just been so tied up with campus and studying that I couldn’t deliver – but that’s no longer an excuse. So you can defo expect some diversity in my blog posts in 2015!

Here’s to some exciting times ahead,

Baking soda wasn’t just made for baking

Bicarbonate of Soda, Baking Soda, Bicarb or whatever else you choose to call it, is an amazing product that has so many uses. Of course, we all know that if you add it to some vinegar, it induces a volcanic eruption for your kid’s science project but what else can this product be used for? In this post I will be discussing the unconventional ways to use the affordable and readily available, Baking Soda.


Blowing up and popping balloons
Perhaps this one is another one that your child can use for his science project or show-and-tell. All you’ve got to do is add a 1/4 cup of vinegar to a reusable water bottle and a few teaspoons of Bicarb to the inside of a deflated balloon. Then carefully cover the opening of the water bottle with the opening of the balloon and allow the balloon’s bicarb to fall into the vinegar. This will cause some carbon gas to be emitted which will inflate the balloon and then cause it to pop – so stand back!

Exfoliating skin and reducing blackheads
Due to the granulated texture of baking soda, it is great for exfoliating the skin and even helps to reduce blackheads. Make a paste of bicarb + water and exfoliate your face, neck and don’t forget your nose! Do this just once a week, as excessive use of the paste may result in dry and peeling skin.

Cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and walls
How much do you spend on detergents and cleaners that are sometimes ineffective and so not environmentally friendly? Well, using bicarb to clean your your home can save you tons of money and time and save the environment too!

For oven doors and stove tops:
Sprinkle bicarb on to the surface and then spray/pour an equivalent amount of vinegar on to it. Once the fizzing stops, most of the grime and dirt will be lifted, now just wipe away.

For oil splatter/makeup/crayons on walls
Add bicarb to a polish/wash cloth, next add vinegar. Once the paste begins to fizz, immediately start washing down your walls. At most, it will take 3 tries to get your walls completely clean.

For cleaning tubs and sinks
Sprinkle bicarb all over your dry tub/sink. Next, using a spray bottle, spray vinegar on to the bicarb covered tub/sink. After each spray, once the fizzing begins, scrub the tub/sink with a scrubbing brush.
If you have lots of vinegar and bicarb, you could fill your sink with lots of bicarb and then add the vinegar. Once the fizzing stops, wash away and say hello to a clean sink!

Unclogging blocked drains
Fill up the clogged sink with vinegar, ensuring that the vinegar is struggling to get down the clogged drain. Next add a ton of bicarb. The fizzing will begin and the vinegar&bicarb solution will turn a mucky colour and then voila! The solution makes it way down your drain which is now effortlessly unclogged.

Teeth brushing
If you run out of toothpaste, you can always add a bietjie of bicarb to your damp toothbrush. And just like toothpaste, brush away! The bicarb will kill bacteria, whiten teeth and freshen your breath but can also strip the enamel of your teeth – so don’t use it as a permanent substitute for toothpaste. Also, remember not to swallow! The bicarb can make your throat itchy and weird.

Costume jewellery cleaning
A little bit of bicarb on a damp, unused toothbrush works wonders on scrubbing off and renewing dull and tarnished costume jewellery. Just scrub the tarnished item with your bicarb’d toothbrush and wipe down with a kitchen towel. You jewellery will sparkle and look as good as new.

Deodorizing smelly shoes
Before you go to bed, sprinkle some bicarb into your shoes and when you wake up in the morning simply tap out the excess bicarb. During the night, the bicarb would have absorbed all of that odour, leaving your shoes smelling great!

Deodorizing fridges and freezers
If your fridge/freezer smells totally unappetizing and fishy, it’s time to bring out the bicarb. Find one of those miniature dip saucers, you know, the ones that you can put 2 condiments in and looks like a yin-yang sign? Anyway, once you find it, add bicarb to the yin and vanilla essence to the yang. Place this in your fridge/freezer and in no-time you’ll have an amazing smelling fridge. The bicarb will absorb the odor whilst the vanilla essence will provide a sweet, new scent!

Soaking feet
Swirl in about a cup of bicarb to an appropriately sized container filled with lukewarm water, soak your feet in this solution for about 15-30minutes and then enjoy your soft and smooth feet. You can also exfoliate your hands and feet with the bicarb!

I’m sure you are now eager to try out bicarb in all of the uses that I mentioned above? I bet you didn’t think such a cheap product would be so useful right? Well at least you know better now 😀


Tips on shopping safely & smartly on Gumtree {Sponsored}

I bet you’ve never bought/sold anything on Gumtree right? Mostly likely because you are too afraid to make a purchase/sell an item and risk getting scammed. Sure, that is a valid cause of concern but you’ve got to jump on the bandwagon some time or the other – so why not now? So, in this post I’ll be telling a little bit about Gumtree and the benefits of using it as well as focusing on my top tips for using Gumtree safely.


What is Gumtree?
So if you don’t already know, Gumtree is a local classifieds website in which you can both post an ad as a seller and purchase an item from another seller. You can find all kinds of items on Gumtree – airline tickets, cellphones, laptops, toys, homes for rent, cars for sale and even job ads – if you can name it, then you can find it on Gumtree. But if you don’t believe me, then you can check it out here and read more about it here.

Why should I use Gumtree?
• It’s free and easy to use.
• Posting an ad is also free.
• You have the ability to purchase special and unique items.
• Items listed for sale on Gumtree are usually cheap and affordable.
• Second-hand goods in mint condition can easily be found on Gumtree, especially textbooks which are much more affordable second-hand.
• Online shopping is just cool.

So I found an item/service that I want, is there anything I should consider?
So after browsing through the site and finding an item that you are interested in and would like to purchase, that’s when everything gets real. You ask yourself if you should make the purchase and if you are willing to handover your hard-earned money to a complete stranger who may or may not be genuine and truthful about who they are and what they are selling.
And you have every right to ask these questions. You should be skeptical and wary, this is what makes you a smart shopper. And remember, if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

So the ad sounds, looks and feels real, now what?
Once you are on high-alert for any kinds of scammers/fraudsters out there and you are pretty sure that this ad is legit, this is when you can focus on making your purchase.

You then alert the relevant seller that you are interested in their product/service and once this is done, there are certain safety protocols that you should follow.

Safety Protocols:
• When purchasing an item, always ask to meet the seller in person. This way you’ll know if he/she is genuine and you’ll get to inspect the item for yourself.
• Meet the seller in a public place such as a busy coffee shop or cafe. And take someone with you too – this is South Africa, after all.
• Ask the seller to bring along his/her proof of ID to verify who they are.
• Never give out your credit card details or personal info to the seller or anyone on Gumtree – it’s personal for a reason.
• Handover the cash at the same time in which you receive your item.
• If you are responding to an ad for a house/holiday home to rent, always verify that it exists and check out the place first before going any further.
• If you intend on purchasing brand new big ticket items, such as cellphones, TV’s and laptops, ensure that they aren’t generic or stolen goods – because no commoner can just have a couple of brand new IPhones just hanging about.

General rules for shopping on Gumtree:
• Verify everything the seller tells you.
• Always be skeptical.
• Be on high-alert for scammers/fraudsters.
• Confirm that the price you are paying for an item on Gumtree, is in line with the normal price/fair value of the item.
• Keep your personal info to yourself.
• Your first Gumtree purchase should be small and menial, that way there is less risk and you earn the experience of shopping with them too.
If you are interested in finding out more about how to use a Gumtree safely and how to report scammers, you can read this comprehensive article.

I know of quite a few people who have purchased from sellers on Gumtree and thankfully, they have all had good experiences. So just be smart, skeptical and safe and I’m sure you will be just fine!


Time, could I have more of you?

I’ve been MIA. I’ve broken my promise to upload a new blog post every Friday, I hardly ever update twitter/IG/FB and I haven’t even announced the winner for my latest giveaway – I just cannot seem to find the time.

Right now, I wish that I never chose to do my Postgrad. It has honestly been my most daunting, challenging and stressful year yet. I have no time whatsoever, I hardly ever leave the house and my social life is non-existent. I’m basically one of those people who wake up every morning and think about the sections that I have to study for the day – Yip, I’m definitely the lamest lame’o.

My study timetable is filled to the max. I just manage to fit in time for the necessities. And I consider myself extremely lucky if I get to watch a bit of TV for the day. It really isn’t a great time in my life. And on top of studying, I have an insane amount of products that I’ve received for review and feature purposes, all of which I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to get through before the beginning of my exams. Things are just crazy. Ridiculous crazy.

If it were up to me, I’d actually just be a full-time blogger (with a degree and a postgrad in Bcom Acc), chilling at home, doing reviews and planning and shooting OOTD posts. That is the life I would choose, if I could. But for now, I’ve just got to focus on exams, after which I get to enjoy the full-time blogging lifestyle before setting off into another year of what will seem like a repeat of 2014’s stress and drama – uhh.

So, I’m asking you guys to just bear with me. It’s only another 5’ish weeks of me being a hermit, after which I will return to be a very diligent and constantly-updating-social-media type of blogger. And I’ve got a ton, perhaps more than a ton, of great ideas for my darling GITGH once I’m back. Each time I take a study break, I think of a new idea for the blog. So lots of studying=lots of breaks =lots of ideas. Now I wish I were studying math😔

Hopefully, I shall post again very, very soon. But no promises! Keep me in your duas (prayers) you guys, I defo need it.

Rain’s Hard Pear and Black Bark African Tree Mist Review

I love nature. I may not love the gross insects and the feeling of wet grass, but I do enjoy admiring the pretty flowers and breathing in the fresh and pleasant scent of nature – it’s just so calming. Even though this is something that I really do enjoy, I actually never ever have the time to go out and experience it as often as I would like. But I guess thanks to Rain’s new range of African Tree Mists, being able to breathe in the majestic fragrance of nature, is something that I can enjoy everyday from the comfort of my home. 20140808-103256-37976639.jpg I was lucky enough to receive two of Rain’s amazing African Tree Mists, one from their event that was held in March of this year and the other from the Durban Blogger Meet in April. So before I go on ranting and raving about this wonderful product and why I love it, let me tell you exactly what a Tree Mist is and where they come from. So, these lovely mists offer “the therapeutics of the Bach Remedy type essences as well as the deeply evocative aromas of the Cape mountains, golden sunshine and African soil”. Melissa Krige, the custodian of the Platbos Forest (the precious forest from which the mists are sourced), has created these one of a kind African Tree Mists by carefully blending essential oils with the essences of the various plants that make up the African Tree Mist Range. The tree mists allow you to bring the power of healing nature into your workspace by spraying the mists all over your face, body, office or home. By inhaling the essence of natural trees and wild vegetation it can significantly strengthen your immune system and reduce your stress levels. Even scientific research in Japan has proved that by allowing nature to enter one’s body via the various senses, affect both the body and brain in a positive way. Well done Rain! You guys are definitely on the right track! The mists are available in 8 different tree scents : Black Bark, Hard Pear, Saffronwood, Bush Olive, Milkwood, White Pear, Umvumvu and Wild Peach. I received the Hard Pear and the Black Bark and they both are simply wonderful.20140808-102044-37244732.jpg

I’m always stressed out when it comes to tests and exams, I guess it is due to me not wanting to fail and waste a year of my life, so it’s totally understandable. So whenever I want to de-stress or if want to get myself into an effective study mode, I usually shut my room door, spritz the tree mist all around my room and then I just sit down, close my eyes and complete a few breathing exercises – and I’m usually calm and stress-free within a few minutes. I allow the woody and earthy scents of the tree mists to engulf me and to trick my brain into believing that I’m surrounded by a ton of monstrous trees deep within a forest.

I don’t think I prefer one mist over the other, both the Hard Pear and the Black Bark are great in their own way. The Hard Pear mist is very normal, in the best sense possible. It brings the right amount of nature into your space and is a very familiar scent to me – it’s not too strong nor is it barely there. The Black Bark, on the other hand, is very peppery. It’s pungent, fragrant and very hard to miss – but definitely enjoyable and calming. I have tried spraying the mists on my face and body, but once again with my very sensitive skin, it didn’t work out well. My body ended up being quite itchy and I broke out on my cheeks and chin – so now I just stick to spraying it in my room.

So, if you would like to get your hands on these awesome African tree mists then you can shop online here or you can pop into your nearest Rain store. These little darlings retail for just R125 each and are a definite must-have if you are a nature lover or a ball of stress – or both, just like me!

Here’s to bringing nature into our homes and offices,

Pin Cushions, Phone Pouches and all things Clari

A while ago, I compiled a post on Clari Designs (read it here), as part of my Local is Lekker blog series. And a few weeks ago, I received a beautiful little package from the Clari Design team! Such sweethearts, I know!


Before we even get to the actual items, I just want you guys to take a look at the manner in which it was gifted to me. I always love when packages are beautifully wrapped, it let’s me know that the gift-giver put a lot of thought, effort and time into it – which makes me feel really special! And the handwritten notes are always the cherry on top, it’s so much more personal.



So included in my gorgeous package was a tee, a crocheted phone pouch and a stunning pin cushion – all handmade of course!
The pin cushion and pouch were both customized just for me in my favorite color ever – Purple 😄!! And yup, it is actually purple even though the name of my blog might make you think otherwise!

Let’s focus on this cute pin cushion, shall we? I actually enquired about the possibility of making pin cushions, from Clari. I think I was kind of desperate for one, mostly because I always end up losing my straight scarf pins, which was really frustrating! I’m just so lazy to put them back into the little trinket box that they came out from and poking them into a cushion would be so much easier – yeah, I’m that lazy. So anyway, I needed one that was cute, usable and that matched my room color – and it was like my prayers were answered when this cute little pin cushion made it’s way home!





Even though this was originally a one-off product from Clari Designs, the super sweet Chantel agreed on taking orders for these pin cushions from you guys!!
I think it will make for such a great Eid gift for someone in your fam or even for yourself. You can fully customize it by choosing the shape, colour and size of the pin cushion too. If you want one like mine, with the little embellishment on it, that will cost you R55 or if you just want a plain one, it’s R30! It really is worth it, considering the fact that it will keep your pins safe for a long time to come!

Next, we move on to the gorgeous crocheted phone pouch (R45). What I love about the phone pouch, besides that it was handmade especially for me and that it’s simply exquisite, is the fact that it doesn’t have to be used as just a phone pouch. You could use it for whatever you like – be it storing makeup, cards & money or even hairbands & hairpins! It really is more than just a phone pouch 😉.



The African Heart tee (R180) is one of Clari’s newest designs but unfortunately isn’t available to purchase just yet! The green stitch-ons (I’m not sure if that’s a word?) on the black fabric, really does make the t-shirt pop! I love T-Shirts because they are easy to wear and can easily be dressed up by throwing a blazer or a long-sleeved cardi over. I’ll be featuring the t-shirt in an upcoming OOTD post on an uber special day, so look out for that!

If you like what you saw and read above, then perhaps check out Clari Design out on Mzansi Store, Hello Pretty and they will soon be making their way onto ShopaGift. And if you are one of the lucky ones that live in the Western Cape then be sure to pay their shop a visit, located in the small town of Piketberg. You can also find Clari Designs on Facebook and Twitter too, so remember to like and follow!
And if you are interested in get a custom-made pin cushion, then just message the Clari team on Facebook, or tweet them, and they will gladly help out!