Win the fight against dark marks with the POND’S Flawless Radiance Range

If you’re fighting a battle against dark marks, uneven skin tone or rough skin then I’m pretty sure you’re aware that none of the above, are easy battles to win. 

However, the guys over POND’S believes that their Flawless Radiance range, together with POND’S GenActiv™ COVER technology, is going to diminish dark marks and give you an even, more brighter skin tone! 

I tried out the POND’S Flawless Radiance Day Cream, Night Cream  and the BB cream and here are my thoughts..

The Day Cream:

I don’t have particularly oily skin – but I do tend to get oily around my t-zone halfway throughout the day and the POND’S Flawless Radiance Day Cream really helps to keep oil at bay. 

During my test-and-review period of this range, I used the day cream as a sub for my primer and it really did a wonderful job in keeping my skin moisturized and my foundation in place.

The Night Cream: 

I absolutely love this texture of this product. It’s super silky and just feels so luxurious on your skin. 

It’s a nifty product to add moisture back into the skin!

And now, on to my favorites..

The BB Cream in Chocolate and Beige 

What I love about these BB’s, besides being so affordable, is that it’s very light on the skin but it still manages to cover up the necessary marks and blemishes. The BB cream also serves a dual purpose of evening out the skin tone whilst covering marks and providing sun protection.

It’s also great for sensitive skin and won’t make you break out either, so those of you with acne-prone skin you definitely want to try this out! (Remember to do it on a tiny patch of skin first!)

When applying you literally need the tiniest amount. Like, a dot of this BB covers my entire nose – no kidding! And using less, means a longer lasting product which means it saves money too! If you’d like, you can purchase both the beige and chocolate shade and use them for highlighting and contouring your nose, cheeks and jawbones.
Definitely a product worth purchasing! 

Overall, I absolutely am loving the POND’S Flawless Radiance Range and would definitely recommend that you guys try it out! 


Male Beauty: Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion Review

Yup, I can finally confirm that this week is officially ‘Vaseline Week‘ on Veiled Beauty. With a male beauty product review today, the giveaway going live yesterday and of course, a little bit more about the great things that the Vaseline + Direct Relief Healing Project is achieving, tomorrow – so I really hope you guys do enjoy! Now on to the review..

A few weeks ago, I received a little package from Vaseline containing  their MENbody Extra Strength Lotion, for Sohail (read more about our male beauty reviewer here), to try out for 5 days and then share his results with you guys!
The Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion is a fast absorbing and non-greasy lotion formulated to deeply moisturize and relieve very dry skin and is infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline BLUESEAL Jelly that assists in restoring dry and damaged skin. 

Stronger, smoother and more restored skin is what this lotion aims to achieve to make your other half a Man of Extra Strength.

And so, here’s what Sohail had to say, after using the product for 5 days: 

“Honestly, before using the Vaseline lotion my body was extremely dry as well as itchy (mostly because I’m guilty of depriving my skin of lotion and moisturizer) and considering that I have been only using the lotion for about a week now, the results really are fantastic. 

I’ve been using the product every morning and evening and my skin feels so much smoother, it’s not dry and neither does it itch anymore. I’ve noticed a major change particularly around the elbow and knee area which can tend to get extremely dry, these areas are now really soft and smooth.

I particularly loved how moisturizing the lotion was and the fact that it absorbed easily into my skin once applied.

I also really enjoyed the fragrance of the product, it wasn’t too overwhelming like fragrances of other lotions tend to be and the easiness of getting the product out of the bottle was really a plus – there was no wastage of product or time.

Overall, this is definitely a product that is worth buying, its appropriate for everyday use and I will definitely recommend it to my fellow male counterparts!”

Don’t forget to enter the Vaseline giveaway on the blog here

Rain Africa Event 2015

I cannot believe that it’s been so long since I’ve updated Veiled Beauty. I had so many posts already written up, including a review on some POND’S, Tressemè and Nature’s Carnival goodies, and had snapped all the relevant photos for VB too – unfortunately, my dearest camera, with the above mentioned photos, and my laptop, with all of the posts, was stolen and I basically lost everything.

I’ve been so bummed about it that I couldn’t bring myself to blog or take photos for any new blog posts, solely because I have to use this crappy iPhone camera after I’ve gotten so used to my DSLR 😔.
Anyway, I’m trying to move past it now and hopefully will be more regular here on VB. Also, I do apologize if my blog photos, from this post onwards, are kind off sucky, but it really is the thief’s fault. On to the event..
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Tried emailing Veiled Beauty?

* Please note that my email is up and running again, so you can contact me on *

Hiiii guys,

So, as always, I’m having issues with my email – I think it’s time to change over to a new host?

Anyway, if you guys tried contacting me and the email bounced back – please email me on! I’m not sure when this issue will be sorted out, but I definitely will let you know when it has been! Apologies for all the trouble.

And oh yeah, do look out for a new post tomorrow 😊

Update: Look forward to daily posts from Veiled Beauty

Hiiiii Guys,

I realize that I’ve been uber busy recently and haven’t really had the chance to update my blog regularly i.e. at least once a week, so I figured that it’s time for me to up my (blog) game and be a more frequent blogger.

With that said, from tomorrow onwards, you can look forward to a new post on Veiled Beauty every weekday at 6am! That way you can get your daily dose of either beauty reviews, OOTD inspo, fashion news or general tips, tricks and DIY instead of waiting 2 weeks for a new post.
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Quick Update: Contact Veiled Beauty


I hope you guys have been doing well and reading the blog and entered the Teremok comp too! Anyway, that’s not the point of this random yet necessary blog update..

If you guys have recently tried to contact me via email on and it either bounced back or you haven’t received a response – please resend the email to!
My inbox is currently full 😭 and unfortunately, I do not have the time at present to sort through my emails – yup, I’m like so unbelievable – but sadly life happens.

My email will be up and running ( and I’ll free up some space too) on Friday so that you guys can get back to contacting me on !!

Also, look out for my OOTD post that will hit the blog on Friday featuring the gorg Summer Swirls Maxi Hijab from Damasq!

Toodles noodles,

Tokyo {OOTD}

Black and white is one of my fav colour combos. I love that I can pair it with any other solid colour and it will just work perfectly.

For this look, I paired a straight, banded maxi skirt with what looks like a tee but is actually a crop top. The crop top is a size 42 (I kid you not) which is what allows it to look like a tee on me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying an item in a size that’s much, much bigger than your own – as long as you style it in such a way that it looks like it was made for you.
jan 379

For my shoes, I opted for my trusty black Converse Chuck Taylor’s. I love pairing sneakers with maxi skirts/dresses, I think it’s really fun and unexpected and adds an element of sporty chic to your look.

My scarf is a wonderful shade of oxblood and is definitely one of the softest scarves I own. It drapes perfectly as you can see and sits quite well on my little noggin. I just pinned it under my chin, and created the midfold by bringing forward and pinning down some of the fabric and then I criss-crossed the scarf and threw it over my shoulders.
The extra volume in my scarf is all thanks to the volumizing scrunchie from Damasq (you can read more about it here). To me, I feel that the back of my head looks a little too big, but I think it’s to due to extra fabric of the scarf that hasn’t been pinned down – you know, maxi scarves!

And finally, I decided to skip all accessories for this OOTD, mostly because I’m just lazy and partially because I didn’t think it needed anything more!

jan 438

jan 343

jan 417

jan 378
jan 393

jan 383

Skirt: Truworths
Top: Identity
Leggings: Edgars
Sneakers: Converse
Scarf: Spree
Volumizer Scrunchie: Damasq

To new beginnings and GITGH 2.0

I’ve told you guys before that I’ll be totally changing things up on my blog and I have! There’s a new look, a new URL, new content ideas and a totally new name!

As I mentioned before, I was hesitant at first. But once I registered my very own domain, everything just seemed to fall into place. I needed GITGH to grow with me and a total makeover & renaming was the only way to make that possible.

Veiled Beauty is basically GITGH 2.0 – more sophisticated and more relevant with a lot more content! Veiled Beauty is just everything and more! I look forward to the start of something almost-new. I hope that you will love the content that I present to you guys in the coming weeks and in the new year but if not, you can always pop me a mail to let me know how I can improve my site!


And oh yeah, please take note my social media handle changes:
Twitter: veiledbeautyza
Instagram: veiledbeautyza
Once my Facebook Page name change is accepted you’ll be able to find Veiled Beauty on Facebook as Veiled Beauty – The Blog, but for now it’s still Girl in the Green Hijab.

I hope you guys are enjoying the last few weeks of 2014!!


Rain’s Hard Pear and Black Bark African Tree Mist Review

I love nature. I may not love the gross insects and the feeling of wet grass, but I do enjoy admiring the pretty flowers and breathing in the fresh and pleasant scent of nature – it’s just so calming. Even though this is something that I really do enjoy, I actually never ever have the time to go out and experience it as often as I would like. But I guess thanks to Rain’s new range of African Tree Mists, being able to breathe in the majestic fragrance of nature, is something that I can enjoy everyday from the comfort of my home. 20140808-103256-37976639.jpg I was lucky enough to receive two of Rain’s amazing African Tree Mists, one from their event that was held in March of this year and the other from the Durban Blogger Meet in April. So before I go on ranting and raving about this wonderful product and why I love it, let me tell you exactly what a Tree Mist is and where they come from. So, these lovely mists offer “the therapeutics of the Bach Remedy type essences as well as the deeply evocative aromas of the Cape mountains, golden sunshine and African soil”. Melissa Krige, the custodian of the Platbos Forest (the precious forest from which the mists are sourced), has created these one of a kind African Tree Mists by carefully blending essential oils with the essences of the various plants that make up the African Tree Mist Range. The tree mists allow you to bring the power of healing nature into your workspace by spraying the mists all over your face, body, office or home. By inhaling the essence of natural trees and wild vegetation it can significantly strengthen your immune system and reduce your stress levels. Even scientific research in Japan has proved that by allowing nature to enter one’s body via the various senses, affect both the body and brain in a positive way. Well done Rain! You guys are definitely on the right track! The mists are available in 8 different tree scents : Black Bark, Hard Pear, Saffronwood, Bush Olive, Milkwood, White Pear, Umvumvu and Wild Peach. I received the Hard Pear and the Black Bark and they both are simply wonderful.20140808-102044-37244732.jpg

I’m always stressed out when it comes to tests and exams, I guess it is due to me not wanting to fail and waste a year of my life, so it’s totally understandable. So whenever I want to de-stress or if want to get myself into an effective study mode, I usually shut my room door, spritz the tree mist all around my room and then I just sit down, close my eyes and complete a few breathing exercises – and I’m usually calm and stress-free within a few minutes. I allow the woody and earthy scents of the tree mists to engulf me and to trick my brain into believing that I’m surrounded by a ton of monstrous trees deep within a forest.

I don’t think I prefer one mist over the other, both the Hard Pear and the Black Bark are great in their own way. The Hard Pear mist is very normal, in the best sense possible. It brings the right amount of nature into your space and is a very familiar scent to me – it’s not too strong nor is it barely there. The Black Bark, on the other hand, is very peppery. It’s pungent, fragrant and very hard to miss – but definitely enjoyable and calming. I have tried spraying the mists on my face and body, but once again with my very sensitive skin, it didn’t work out well. My body ended up being quite itchy and I broke out on my cheeks and chin – so now I just stick to spraying it in my room.

So, if you would like to get your hands on these awesome African tree mists then you can shop online here or you can pop into your nearest Rain store. These little darlings retail for just R125 each and are a definite must-have if you are a nature lover or a ball of stress – or both, just like me!

Here’s to bringing nature into our homes and offices,