Fringe + Silver {OOTD}

As promised, I’ve got another OOTD post for you guys! This look is something that I’d usually wear when I go shopping, for coffee or just to chill somewhere – it’s relaxed but very put-together which is why it works so well.
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Local is Lekker: Alexandra K Jewels

When I started the ‘Local is Lekker’ series on my blog, I never knew that there were so many local brands out there. Recently, I came across Alexandra K Jewels, an amazing brand that doesn’t exist solely for the purpose of making a profit, but is also geared towards pro-empowerment and the uplifting of women.20140522-092030.jpgKate Alexandra Fitz-Gibbon officially launched her local brand, Alexandra K jewels, at the beginning of this year. She creates beautiful, handmade pieces that are simply stunning and very easy to wear. Her current range includes earrings, headpieces and necklaces that incorporate a lot of feathers, crystals, pearls and pretty stones – very dreamy and boho chic, I love it!

From all of her designs, the headpieces are definitely my favorite! They are extremely handy when you are attending a special occasion or if just want to add little something extra to your look. An added plus is that they work exceptionally well over your hijab, which is possibly the greatest thing ever.

Kate donning the gorgeous Hot Natured Headpiece

Kate donning the gorgeous Hot Natured Headpiece

The Silver River Headpiece

The Silver River Headpiece

Kate was kind enough to gift me two of her ultimately gorgeous headpieces, the Silver River headpiece and the Hot Natured headpiece, which I absolutely cannot wait to feature in my upcoming look posts! Thanks Kate! The photographs I snapped up did not do the headpieces justice, therefore I decided that I will show you guys the headpieces when I’m actually wearing them. But what I want you guys to see is the manner in which the headpieces were gifted to me – so fab!

I know! It's too adorable for words :D

I know! It’s too adorable for words 😀


Whenever I chat to local designers/entrepreneurs I always ask them if they’ve had any formal training or if they hold any qualifications in the industry in which they work – be it fashion, jewellery, or baking- and almost always, the answer is ‘No’. Kate is no different. She explained to me that she taught herself how to make all of the Alexandra K Jewels pieces that you see above. She wanted to prove to herself that she can create beautiful items without the help of others or teaching resources – a means of building her self-confidence and self-esteem. After succeeding at this, Kate decided that she wanted to instill the same confidence in others, so the next step was making her brand pro-empowerment.
Kate is currently training her first lady to make the jewels, she is also training her in what it means to have confidence, to know her identity and her talents. She is teaching her values and principles, and how to embrace her destiny, which is all in aid of helping her to be successful in the workplace and to lead a successful life.
By building her brand, Kate is building the confidence of another and hopefully many more women in the future, as the brand grows.may 159

If you are interested in supporting a great brand with an amazing purpose, you can email your order to or you can send a message to the Alexandra K Jewel’s Facebook page and Kate will happily send through a product catalogue!
From the end of May, you can make your purchase from, all orders can be shipped to anywhere in SA and soon an international delivery option will also be available. Items are priced from R220 to R650 and there is limited availability on each product to ensure that you can keep your individuality alive – take that all you annoying copycats out there!
And oh yes, if you want to have a quick lookie at more of the pieces available from Alexandra K Jewels, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Shopping!

Local is Lekker: Clari Design

About 2 months ago, I came across Clari Design on Twitter – and oh-so-naturally, I checked out the images posted on their Twitter profile and the link in their bio – and I was pleasantly surprised!

april 2014 003

Clari Design specializes in handmade jewellery, T-shirts and breathtakingly beautiful crocheted items. This wonderful brand was created by mother and daughter team, Dolla and Chantel, and was born from their shared passion for creating magnificent, handmade pieces. Dolla is the Crochet Queen of Clari Design and is responsible for all of the stunning crocheted bags, iPad and iPhone pouches from Clari Design. Chantel, on the other hand, is in control of all of the aspects relating to the jewellery and T-shirts made and sold by Clari Design. She is also the mastermind and crafter of the adorable, itsy-bitsy handpainted wooden disks that are embedded in silver rings, which you will find in their store.

Hello there, designers :)

Hello there, designers 🙂

Just some of the wonderful products available from Clari Design

Just some of the wonderful products available from Clari Design

Clari Design had been in the making since 2009, but officially kicked off in 2011 after Chantel’s return from the Netherlands (like, why didn’t you take me with? 😦 ). It was her trip to the land of the Dutch that allowed Chantel to experience and view the world of design and crafts from a different perspective – this is what finally got the ball rolling for Clari DesignClari Design has been doing so well that they  have reached as far as Australia, the Netherlands and even America. Wooohooo, go Clari!

As all of the items promoted and sold by Clari Design are locally made here in South Africa, most of the inspiration for the designs, come from South Africa itself. When I asked Chantel to elaborate, this is what she had to say “We love people and what they are made of, what they love, how and why they love it. It inspires us to make people happy. Beautiful surroundings make people happy, and the most beautiful surrounding is nature – so we bring nature into your home, onto your t-shirts and even on your jewellery. If it’s not with a realistic painting or a silhouette, it will be with colours and textures.”

Do you want to know what I love most about the masterminds behind Clari Design? It’s that they are absolutely accommodating. If you’ve seen something online, perhaps a crocheted handbag or a little pin cushion, and you simply have to have it, these amazing women will make it for you. Yup, seriously! All you have to do is contact Clari Design (which is simple, because Chantel is the sweetest pea around!) and provide them with your specifications and they will custom make it for you. Easy as that!
If you like what you saw and read above, then perhaps check out Clari Design out on Mzansi Store, Hello Pretty and they will soon be making their way onto ShopaGift. And if you are one of the lucky ones that live in the Western Cape then be sure to pay their shop a visit, located in the small town of Piketberg. You can expect items to be priced from as little as R30 to a whopping R1000, so there really is something for everyone! You can also find Clari Designs on Facebook and Twitter too, so remember to like and follow!


Happy Shopping!


Hello there, I’m back!



Hi guys! I’m back! I’ve been so busy preparing for my cousin’s wedding, my trip to Cape Town and for my final year at university that I didn’t get a chance to upload any new posts. But never fear, I’m here now and I’m here to stay!


I’ve got some fantastic ideas for my upcoming blog posts, so remember to watch this space every week for fresh new posts.


Hope you enjoy them!



Tutorial: 4 steps to achieve sparkly, gold eyes with Essence’s Crystal Eyeliner

I love wearing gold on my eyes – I don’t know why, but I just do. In my previous post, I did a review on my 2 purchases from Essence, The Lash and Brow Gel Mascara and the Crystal Eyeliner in Gold Rush, which I’ll be using for my look today.





To create a look, like the one above all you need is:

  • Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Essence
  • Crystal Eyeliner in Gold Rush from Essence
  • Lash and Brow Gel Mascara from Essence
  • An eyelash curler


How to:

Step 1:

Curl lashes

Step 2:

Apply a very thiiiiiin line of liquid liner.

Step 3:

Apply a thin line of Crystal Eyeliner in Gold rush on top of your liquid liner.

Step 4:

Finish of your lashes with 2 coats of the Lash and Brow Gel Mascara.

Aaand done! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


Essence’s Lash & Brow gel Mascara and Crystal Eyeliner Review

I popped into Dischem over the weekend to grab myself some new Essence goodies, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but I knew that when I saw it, I’ll know. And I did.

I ended up coming home with the Lash and Brow Gel Mascara and the Crystal Eyeliner in Gold Rush, and I am extremely happy with my purchases!

Lash and Brow gel Mascara:

You can see right through me, weeeee!

You can see right through me, weeeee!

A mascara and a tamer of unruly brows, all in one. Retailing for only R34.95, it is a makeup bag must-have.
It is packaged in a normal-sized mascara tube with a normal mascara brush, but the fun part is, is that the tube is transparent – so you can see exactly how much product you have left.

I have this tendency to rub my eyes which causes a black ring around my eyes, making me look like a racoon. But this way, since it’s transparent, I can say goodbye to racoon-me.
I love this product, I truly do. But the only downfall is that it hardens your brows. But I guess it has to, if you want your brows to stay in its’ place.

Crystal Eyeliner in Gold Rush:

Gold, gold, gold!

Gold, gold, gold!

I wasn’t expecting much from this product, only because I once purchased a glitter/crystal eyeliner from Essence’s Breaking Dawn Trend Edition before, and it was useless. It had no staying power, whatsoever, and I never got to use it. But I think Essence perhaps realized their blunder, because their new Crystal Eyeliner range is frikken’ amazing.

When I first tried it out on my wrist, it looked really dull. No real sparkle to it. But on your eyes, it really does sparkle. Check out the images and tutorial here.

My hand looks so awkward here, eek - sorry!

My hand looks so awkward here, eek – sorry!

The brush is very skinny making the application much easier. The staying power is quite long, as long as water doesn’t touch it.
All in all, for just R31.95, it is an amazing product and well worth the buy. I will definitely be purchasing the other colours soon.


3 chic and easy outfits for a perfect Summer’s day




Amazing picture that I took at North Beach in Durban. Beautiful.

Amazing picture that I took at North Beach in Durban. Beautiful.


In my family, we rarely ever plan anything, unless it’s a wedding – of course!  Every outing, picnic or trip to the beach is usually a spontaneous decision, made an hour before we leave home. That gives me only an hour to do my makeup and pick out an outfit and fab accessories and a hijab – it’s totes ridic, I know! But I love summer and spending time with my fam, therefore I created 3 go-to outfits that are chic, easy and hijab appropriate and that won’t leave me dressing up in the car, due to time constraints.



Look 1: Beach Chic


Dress: Mr Price; Necklace: Orelia, Forever New; Sandals: Woolworths; Chambray Shirt:; Woolworths; Stila Lippie: Truworths

Dress: Mr Price; Necklace: Orelia, Forever New; Sandals: Woolworths; Chambray Shirt:; Woolworths; Stila Lippie: Truworths


I love maxi dresses. These dresses transition great from day to night, with a simple swop of accessories which make them a great investment. This look is perfect for a day at beach, chilling in the sand and maybe even going for a little leg-dip in the water.

Throwing a denim shirt over a maxi dress is brilliant, especially if you burn quite easily in the sun. Due to it being a day at the beach, I like to keep accessories to a minimum – we don’t want to blind anyone with our bling, now do we?



Look 2: Picnicking at the Park


Top: Mr Price; Skinnies: Mr Price; Cross Body Bag: Woolworths; Sandal: Legit

Top: Mr Price; Skinnies: Mr Price; Cross Body Bag: Woolworths; Sandal: Legit


I love the park, playing on the swings, engaging in an informal game of cricket/soccer and enjoying a yummy hotdog whilst chilling on a camping chair – yup, that’s how we do it.

During picnics, because of all the activities you are involved in, you want to make sure that you are fully covered and that all chances of flashing someone, is eliminated .That’s why a pair of skinnies is perfect. Choose one that’s pretty and has a bit of whimsy to it, like this one, with all the polka dots – so cute!  Pair your bottoms with a plain, white top whilst adding some colour to your look with a nifty bag and cute shoes.



Look 3: Crop-top heaven


Top: Mr Price; Skirt: Mr price; Sandal: Mr Price; Chain: Woolworths; Bracelets: Mr price

Top: Mr Price; Skirt: Mr price; Sandal: Mr Price; Chain: Woolworths; Bracelets: Mr price


This outfit is great for any type of activity, be it shopping, beaching or even a visit to your nearest Wakaberry.

Crop tops seems to be all the rage recently, you can wear it by pairing it with a high-waisted maxi skirt and a gold statement necklace– you are still showing off the crop top but without showing any skin, total hijabness! Add on a bunch of gold-toned bracelets and cute sandals to take the look to the next level.



Hope you are having a great summer!



5 things you can do to commemorate and celebrate the achievements and life work of Madiba

There will never be another Madiba, and that’s so true but that shouldn’t stop us all from drawing inspiration from his life and his work to make us better people.

We know that Tata had a special place in his heart for children, particularly orphans and those living in childrens’ homes, we know that he wanted peace and freedom for all and most of all he wanted South Africa to unite as one, to feel the spirit of togetherness, Ubuntu.

We should always remember what he has done for us and our country, we should try to be the best we can be and try as hard as possible to keep his legacy alive.

Here are 5 things you can do to commemorate and celebrate Nelson Mandela:

1)Spend an hour or two at a childrens’ home.

2)Donate money, clothes or food to a charity of your choice.

3)Purchase one of the many 46664 merchandise, to show your support and love.

4)Educate a Born Free on the importance of Mandela and how lucky they are to be born post 1994.

5)Plant a tree. Creating a new life in light of the life that has just ended.

I will definitely doing my part and sincerely hope you will too.


Madiba, you will truly be missed..

I am South African. And I have never been prouder to be a South African than I am now. South Africa allowed us the opportunity to witness such immense bravery, wisdom and courage and all from just one man.

Nelson Mandela was more than just an activist, former president or freedom fighter. He was a hero. And he always will be one.

Thanks to him, we no longer see ourselves as black, white, coloured or indian, but as South Africans. We are one.

He succeeded in abolishing the apartheid regime. The regime that kept us from our fellow South African brothers and sisters. The regime that had no regard for equality and that judged you on the colour of your skin.

I am so glad for Madiba. He never stopped fighting for our freedom. So that my kids, and their kids and their kids’ kids can live in a democratic South Africa. A South Africa that knows no colour, just love.

Thank you, Madiba. Thank you for helping our rainbow nation keep its formation and may we forever remember all that you have done for us.
Proud South African,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light

This is a picture that I took from my cousin’s balcony in Durban, South Africa. It was such a great night, so calm and so chilled and this image really captures it. It reminds me a little of  those images you find on the internet of New York (I’ve never been to NYC, sadly), the lights are like little stars, twinkling away.

The image is slightly blurry, I don’t think I used my iPhone to snap this pic. Hmmm..

meep 1117