There exists no greater feeling than that of buying a new pair of shoes!


I love shoes! And honestly, which girl doesn’t?
Shoes are defo a girl’s best friend, apart from diamonds and clothes and jewelery and lingerie and basically everything else that we own and love! Hey, we get attached to our possessions, so what? That’s how we were built therefore we are meant to be this way so hoorah for us shoe-loving ladies! We totally rock!

So after all the studying that I have been doing, this weekend, I decided to spoil myself with some new pairs of shoes! I deserved it, after all. 😊

Btw, apologies in advance for the lack of creativity in the images below, I snapped these up last night after an extremely long and hard day of studying, therefore I should be forgiven! Teehee 😋




All of thee skoene are super duper cute and comfy and are available at most clothing/shoe stores nationwide 😄 So get your shopping on!



DIY: Simple and easy Hijab Pins in just 4 steps!

I’m so bored of the usual, boring hijab pins out there – so I create my own! And it’s super simple!

All you need is:
•Jump Rings/ Super mini key rings
•Variety of Charms
•Straight pins with a hook at the end to attach the charms

Step 1:
Pry open the jump ring with your pliers.


Step 2:
Attach the jump ring to the hook on the pin.


Step 3:
Attach your charm to the jump ring.


Step 4:
Close up your jump ring to ensure that your pin is secure in place.


And done!
Check out the other hijab pins I created below – the charms are from broken earrings/bracelets, keyrings, pendants etc. Totally unique and so simple to make!


Happy DIY’ing!!