Will you be attending Decorex Durban? 

Even though I love fashion, interior décor and design never really interested me – until recently. 

In 2013, I decided to redecorate my bedroom and ever since then, I haven’t stopped looking at various IG pages and Pinterest boards that focus on interior décor and design – there’s just something about looking at all of those beautiful homes, rooms and closets and becoming hopeful that one day, you too could have your fabulous interiors featured on an IG page or Pinterest board.
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Year-End Charity Initiative for 2013

This year, my mom’s company decided to host their year-end function at the Edith Benson’s Babies Home in Sherwood. All of the money that would have usually been spend on extravagant décor and a fancy venue was instead used to throw a great party for these well deserving kids. Jumping Castles, ride-ons, balloons, santa hats, tasty snacks, great gifts, tinsel wigs, we had everything there for the kids!


The kids had a great time and so did we! We learnt so much about them, and we learnt just how lucky we all are that we have our parents and that we are loved and cared for by our families. The kids embraced us and they all fought for our attention. One of the kids came up to me and grabbed on to my leg and refused to let go, and when I picked him up and held him in my arms, he held on to me so tightly. And at that moment, the rest of the kids saw and they all surrounded me, so that they too can get some of the love. It was heart breaking.


I make it a duty of mines to visit a children’s home as often as I can, it really does bring you back down to Earth and makes you appreciate everything and everyone in your life.


Here are some of the images that I snapped whilst there last Friday:


All the kids seated and munching on all the yummy snacks we provided!

All the kids seated and eating all the delish snacks we provided!



Care takers helping r=the kids prepare to sing the national anthem

Caregivers helping the kids prepare to sing the national anthem


All of the little sweethearts waiting to receive their goody bags and gifts!

All of the little sweethearts waiting to receive their goody bags and gifts!


Whether you can offer money, food or most importantly your time, whatever it may be, do your part and help bring a smile to a kid’s face – they will truly appreciate it!



The perfect solution for makeup storage

For months, I’ve been nagging my mom to get me one of those Kardashian Make-up Organizers, you know,  those acrylic ones that look so amazing and give you a 360 view of all your make up?

Well, eeeek! She got me one! And so naturally, I’ve already stocked it up with all my make up items, but somehow feel that I need more make up to fill up all the empty spaces.

Here it is:

4 tiers of awesomeness..

4 tiers of awesomeness..


So it looks kind off small in the image above, but trust me its not. It is 300mmx300mmx300mm, it is 4 tiers high with 3 drawers and flip top tier – for perfumes and whatever. And I removed those dividers from the drawers, it just was not working for me. What a great organizer! I love it okaaaay. Simply love it.

And have you seen the handles?? It’s these gorgeous little, acrylic crystal handles and they go perfectly with my room.


I can not stop fiddling with these handles! Love it!

I can not stop fiddling with these handles! Love it!


My mom bought it for either R999 or R1099 (I wasn’t really paying attention, I was just too excited!!) from one of the lady’s she knows at work. Thank God for mothers! And I love you mom!

Here’s a few more images of my new, favourite thing:

meep 038


meep 039

meep 040

Okay, I’m off to admire my darling little make up organizer now..