Local is Lekker: Clari Design

About 2 months ago, I came across Clari Design on Twitter – and oh-so-naturally, I checked out the images posted on their Twitter profile and the link in their bio – and I was pleasantly surprised!

april 2014 003

Clari Design specializes in handmade jewellery, T-shirts and breathtakingly beautiful crocheted items. This wonderful brand was created by mother and daughter team, Dolla and Chantel, and was born from their shared passion for creating magnificent, handmade pieces. Dolla is the Crochet Queen of Clari Design and is responsible for all of the stunning crocheted bags, iPad and iPhone pouches from Clari Design. Chantel, on the other hand, is in control of all of the aspects relating to the jewellery and T-shirts made and sold by Clari Design. She is also the mastermind and crafter of the adorable, itsy-bitsy handpainted wooden disks that are embedded in silver rings, which you will find in their store.

Hello there, designers :)

Hello there, designers 🙂

Just some of the wonderful products available from Clari Design

Just some of the wonderful products available from Clari Design

Clari Design had been in the making since 2009, but officially kicked off in 2011 after Chantel’s return from the Netherlands (like, why didn’t you take me with? 😦 ). It was her trip to the land of the Dutch that allowed Chantel to experience and view the world of design and crafts from a different perspective – this is what finally got the ball rolling for Clari DesignClari Design has been doing so well that they  have reached as far as Australia, the Netherlands and even America. Wooohooo, go Clari!

As all of the items promoted and sold by Clari Design are locally made here in South Africa, most of the inspiration for the designs, come from South Africa itself. When I asked Chantel to elaborate, this is what she had to say “We love people and what they are made of, what they love, how and why they love it. It inspires us to make people happy. Beautiful surroundings make people happy, and the most beautiful surrounding is nature – so we bring nature into your home, onto your t-shirts and even on your jewellery. If it’s not with a realistic painting or a silhouette, it will be with colours and textures.”

Do you want to know what I love most about the masterminds behind Clari Design? It’s that they are absolutely accommodating. If you’ve seen something online, perhaps a crocheted handbag or a little pin cushion, and you simply have to have it, these amazing women will make it for you. Yup, seriously! All you have to do is contact Clari Design (which is simple, because Chantel is the sweetest pea around!) and provide them with your specifications and they will custom make it for you. Easy as that!
If you like what you saw and read above, then perhaps check out Clari Design out on Mzansi Store, Hello Pretty and they will soon be making their way onto ShopaGift. And if you are one of the lucky ones that live in the Western Cape then be sure to pay their shop a visit, located in the small town of Piketberg. You can expect items to be priced from as little as R30 to a whopping R1000, so there really is something for everyone! You can also find Clari Designs on Facebook and Twitter too, so remember to like and follow!


Happy Shopping!



The perfect solution for makeup storage

For months, I’ve been nagging my mom to get me one of those Kardashian Make-up Organizers, you know,  those acrylic ones that look so amazing and give you a 360 view of all your make up?

Well, eeeek! She got me one! And so naturally, I’ve already stocked it up with all my make up items, but somehow feel that I need more make up to fill up all the empty spaces.

Here it is:

4 tiers of awesomeness..

4 tiers of awesomeness..


So it looks kind off small in the image above, but trust me its not. It is 300mmx300mmx300mm, it is 4 tiers high with 3 drawers and flip top tier – for perfumes and whatever. And I removed those dividers from the drawers, it just was not working for me. What a great organizer! I love it okaaaay. Simply love it.

And have you seen the handles?? It’s these gorgeous little, acrylic crystal handles and they go perfectly with my room.


I can not stop fiddling with these handles! Love it!

I can not stop fiddling with these handles! Love it!


My mom bought it for either R999 or R1099 (I wasn’t really paying attention, I was just too excited!!) from one of the lady’s she knows at work. Thank God for mothers! And I love you mom!

Here’s a few more images of my new, favourite thing:

meep 038


meep 039

meep 040

Okay, I’m off to admire my darling little make up organizer now..



Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light

This is a picture that I took from my cousin’s balcony in Durban, South Africa. It was such a great night, so calm and so chilled and this image really captures it. It reminds me a little of  those images you find on the internet of New York (I’ve never been to NYC, sadly), the lights are like little stars, twinkling away.

The image is slightly blurry, I don’t think I used my iPhone to snap this pic. Hmmm..

meep 1117