Local is Lekker: Rings & Things

The love of jewellery is common amongst all girls, mostly because we know that an outfit just simply isn’t complete without that totally amazing statement necklace or that super cute cocktail ring – and this is where Rings & Things fits into the equation!20140312-170446.jpg

Rings & Things is this super cool online store that I discovered whilst on my random Twitter searches for South African online shops. So these guys retail fashion and fine jewellery and have something for everyone! From vintage and quirky to edgy and bulky, they really do cover their bases!

I’m more of a vintage and quirky jewellery lover and I think that’s why I’m really fond of this site. Some of my favourite pieces from their online store are:


The moustache watch!

The moustache watch!

The infinity bracelet

The infinity bracelet

The arrow bangle

The arrow bangle


Considering my appreciation and love for their products, I took the time to learn a little bit more about Rings & Things, about the designers and just basically how Rings & Things was born. So here are some interesting facts:

  • The mastermind behind Rings & Things is Erika Fourie, the designer and manufacturer. Yup, she’s a woman, so like a total YAY for girl power!
  • Erika has a certificate in Art, as well as a B-Tech degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacture from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology. Yup, she’s amazing.
  • After spending a few months in the Big Apple, she returned to SA and worked part time as a fine jewellery lecturer at a private jewellery school, and then as a trend forecaster and fashion accessory buyer for a company who supply a chain of local fashion stores.
  • Due to her creativity, experience and love for fashion, she decided it was time to build her own brand and that’s how Rings & Things was born!
  • Her designs are inspired by everything and anything including blogs, magazines, her friends, architecture, movies or even from some stranger walking down the street.


That’s basically all there is to know about Rings & Things, so go ahead and check them out on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Pinterest.

If you like what to see, ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Select your items, checkout and pay! And no stress, they guarantee secure payment methods, so your money is safe! And if you are in Europe, Australia or America Rings & Things offers International shipping too! How frikkin’ awesome is that?


Happy Shopping!



Hello there, I’m back!



Hi guys! I’m back! I’ve been so busy preparing for my cousin’s wedding, my trip to Cape Town and for my final year at university that I didn’t get a chance to upload any new posts. But never fear, I’m here now and I’m here to stay!


I’ve got some fantastic ideas for my upcoming blog posts, so remember to watch this space every week for fresh new posts.


Hope you enjoy them!



Year-End Charity Initiative for 2013

This year, my mom’s company decided to host their year-end function at the Edith Benson’s Babies Home in Sherwood. All of the money that would have usually been spend on extravagant décor and a fancy venue was instead used to throw a great party for these well deserving kids. Jumping Castles, ride-ons, balloons, santa hats, tasty snacks, great gifts, tinsel wigs, we had everything there for the kids!


The kids had a great time and so did we! We learnt so much about them, and we learnt just how lucky we all are that we have our parents and that we are loved and cared for by our families. The kids embraced us and they all fought for our attention. One of the kids came up to me and grabbed on to my leg and refused to let go, and when I picked him up and held him in my arms, he held on to me so tightly. And at that moment, the rest of the kids saw and they all surrounded me, so that they too can get some of the love. It was heart breaking.


I make it a duty of mines to visit a children’s home as often as I can, it really does bring you back down to Earth and makes you appreciate everything and everyone in your life.


Here are some of the images that I snapped whilst there last Friday:


All the kids seated and munching on all the yummy snacks we provided!

All the kids seated and eating all the delish snacks we provided!



Care takers helping r=the kids prepare to sing the national anthem

Caregivers helping the kids prepare to sing the national anthem


All of the little sweethearts waiting to receive their goody bags and gifts!

All of the little sweethearts waiting to receive their goody bags and gifts!


Whether you can offer money, food or most importantly your time, whatever it may be, do your part and help bring a smile to a kid’s face – they will truly appreciate it!



5 things you can do to commemorate and celebrate the achievements and life work of Madiba

There will never be another Madiba, and that’s so true but that shouldn’t stop us all from drawing inspiration from his life and his work to make us better people.

We know that Tata had a special place in his heart for children, particularly orphans and those living in childrens’ homes, we know that he wanted peace and freedom for all and most of all he wanted South Africa to unite as one, to feel the spirit of togetherness, Ubuntu.

We should always remember what he has done for us and our country, we should try to be the best we can be and try as hard as possible to keep his legacy alive.

Here are 5 things you can do to commemorate and celebrate Nelson Mandela:

1)Spend an hour or two at a childrens’ home.

2)Donate money, clothes or food to a charity of your choice.

3)Purchase one of the many 46664 merchandise, to show your support and love.

4)Educate a Born Free on the importance of Mandela and how lucky they are to be born post 1994.

5)Plant a tree. Creating a new life in light of the life that has just ended.

I will definitely doing my part and sincerely hope you will too.


Madiba, you will truly be missed..

I am South African. And I have never been prouder to be a South African than I am now. South Africa allowed us the opportunity to witness such immense bravery, wisdom and courage and all from just one man.

Nelson Mandela was more than just an activist, former president or freedom fighter. He was a hero. And he always will be one.

Thanks to him, we no longer see ourselves as black, white, coloured or indian, but as South Africans. We are one.

He succeeded in abolishing the apartheid regime. The regime that kept us from our fellow South African brothers and sisters. The regime that had no regard for equality and that judged you on the colour of your skin.

I am so glad for Madiba. He never stopped fighting for our freedom. So that my kids, and their kids and their kids’ kids can live in a democratic South Africa. A South Africa that knows no colour, just love.

Thank you, Madiba. Thank you for helping our rainbow nation keep its formation and may we forever remember all that you have done for us.
Proud South African,