My new go-to treatment for reducing dark marks, acne scars and combatting breakouts

Pigmentation, acne scars and dark marks haunt almost everyone one of us. We find them unsightly and a self-esteem killer, so we feel forced into wearing makeup to cover them up because most of the products that claim to lighten marks either don’t work or contain harmful chemicals, like hydroquinone, which is a big no-no!

For a while I used the Lavender and Myrrh Facial Healing Oil from The Victorian Garden and even though it did help to lighten marks, minimal results could only be seen after 3-6 months of daily use.
I finally decided to try out the Milk Peel from Dermaceutic as I had heard tons about it from others, on how it lightened their marks and just gave them great skin overall.

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My Skin Journey with Dermaceutic and Dr Ridhwana Vawda

If you’ve been following my blog since its inception in 2013, then you are definitely aware of the battle that I’ve been fighting in regard to my skin.
My skin is very much prone to breakouts and is so reactive that most products do not agree to it. During Ramadaan (June/July), my skin took a turn for the worse and I broke out on my forehead, cheeks, jawline and even on my chin – it was just total insanity.

I finally decided that it was time for a change and as fate may have it, I made that decision just a few days before I attended Dr Ridhwana Vawda + Dermaceutic’s Promo Day.

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