My scarcity + blog revamp

So, I’ve been a total slacker in regard to blogging this week. But I promise there is a valid reason..

I am revamping/making over my blog 😄

After much deliberation and going back and forth, I decided that it’s time to reinvent GITGH. So you can expect a new look and my very own unique domain name, so bye bye and hello!!

And it’s most likely that I will be changing the name of my blog too. It was a scary thought at first, but I realized that as I grow, my blog needs to grow with me. The concept and content of my blog will remain the same, I just think it’s time for a new name.

GITGH is a mouthful and it doesn’t really speak to what my blog is about – I’m not sure if my blog’s new name will, but it will definitely be much shorter and simpler!

I’m currently working on all the nitty gritty of the revamp, so hopefully the new and improved GITGH (or not GITGH) will be up and running at the beginning of December.
And no worries, you guys will automatically be redirected to the new site, so you won’t miss a thing!

Also, with the new year creeping in, you can expect at least two OOTD posts a month and even some recipe posts and more DIY’s. I know that I’ve been promising this for ages but I’ve just been so tied up with campus and studying that I couldn’t deliver – but that’s no longer an excuse. So you can defo expect some diversity in my blog posts in 2015!

Here’s to some exciting times ahead,

Hello there, I’m back!



Hi guys! I’m back! I’ve been so busy preparing for my cousin’s wedding, my trip to Cape Town and for my final year at university that I didn’t get a chance to upload any new posts. But never fear, I’m here now and I’m here to stay!


I’ve got some fantastic ideas for my upcoming blog posts, so remember to watch this space every week for fresh new posts.


Hope you enjoy them!