Summer Swirls {OOTD}

About 2 weeks ago, I featured the very simple & elegant Chinese collared abaya from Damasq and this week I’m featuring one of Hijabi’s (Damasq’s sister store) maxi hijabs, which I’ll tell you more about further below!

This look is basically what I would wear to go shopping or for ice-cream at the beach. It features two of my favourite colours, coral and mint, and two of my favourite pieces of clothing – a denim shirt and a maxi skirt! So you could say that this is one of my favourite looks ever! Okay, maybe not ever, but you get what I’m saying!
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Love surprises? Why not surprise yourself with Rubybox

About a week or two ago, I received a wonderful little surprise from the lovelies over at Rubybox. I was quite excited to just dive into this little pinkish red box to discover if this would be a surprise that I would love, since I’m not a total fan of surprises . Well, I’m glad to report that I loved this surprise, well, loved almost all of it.
So, included in this little box of beauty surprises was a Rubybox branded nail polish and smooch stick, a Swedish eggwhite facial care soap and a Natural Lab tinted face cream – all of which you can see below.

jan 459


Rubybox Smooch Stick in Red My Mind
I decided to begin the review with my fav of them all. I honestly love this smooch stick. It glides on perfectly, is well pigmented and is long lasting too. It’s the perfect red and I’m pretty sure it will suit almost any skin tone.jan 197

I find that a little goes a long way, so I apply very little to the middle of both my upper and lower lip, press my lips together and rub from side to side. And in about 15seconds my lips are all dressed up in this wonderful creamy, scarlet red pigment. If you’re interested in purchasing this smooch stick, you can find it here. jan 248


Natural Lab Tinted Natural Face Cream
I haven’t actually heard of this brand before, with that said I think it’s a great brand judging from this face cream. It has an SPF of 30 which makes your life so much easier, has a bit of a tint/colour which will help to even out your skin tone and provides a slight summer glow to the face.jan 201

It does say that it is suitable for sensitive skin, however I am not brave enough to try it out on my face so I can’t say whether that is true or not. Also, if you apply too much of this product you may end up looking sweaty/oily, so it’s best to begin with a little bit of product and then build on from there. If you’re interested in purchasing this tinted face cream/sunblock you can find it here.


Rubybox Beauty Nailed It! Lacquer in Pretty Minted
To be honest, I don’t use nail polish so this particular surprise wasn’t amongst the ones that I loved. I did, however, try it out for review purposes, and unfortunately I wasn’t a fan. I’m not sure if I was applying it correctly or not, but I felt like I needed at least 3 coats of the nail polish to achieve an opaque look. And after applying the 3 coats, it felt extremely thick and gloopy on my nails and just wasn’t cute at all.jan 200

I was quite shocked that I didn’t like this nail lacquer, because I’ve tried the By the Seaside shade (I received it at the Durban Blogger Meet in 2014) and that one was really wonderful. The shimmer was much more apparent than the shimmer in this one and 1 coat was enough to completely cover my nail. Maybe someone else would have a different opinion on Pretty Minted than me, but that’s how I feel about it. The colour is really pretty though so I just wish it was more effective. You can find it here.


Lanolin Agg-Tval Swedish Facial Soap
Made from egg whites, rosewater and lanolin, this soap is amazingly moisturizing and conditioning. Due to my acne-prone skin, I haven’t tried it out on my face but it has done wonders for my hands. It cleanses the skin to a point where it feels squeaky clean but not dry -so it is truly a pleasure to use.

Most who have used it (those with oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin) have all had only good things to say, some even claimed that it helped calm down active acne which would make sense as rose water has soothing properties. If you’d like to get your hands (muhahahaha, mind the pun) on this little wonder of a soap, you can find it here.
jan 213


The above box and its contents was the January Surprise Box which varied from person to person – which is the aim of the Surprise Box. It provides you with luxury and trial sized beauty products that are customized to your beauty profile and will include a variety of makeup, hair care and fragrances.

If you’d like to receive a Surprise Box from Rubybox every month, you can sign up here. Usually, it would cost you R169 a month but if you use the coupon 2015SURPRISE you will pay just R119 for your very first Surprise Box. If you’ve got the cash to spare, it is a really great way to introduce yourself to new brands and products and to perhaps discover a newbie that you love!

Review on goodies from Damasq and Hijabi

You know what’s more exciting than an online store? An online store that stocks all of your hijab accessories, modest wardrobe needs and some Islamic goodies too. And where can you shop for all of these, you ask? Well, at no other than Damasq and Hijabi! And even more excitingly, I was recently sent a neat package from Yasina, the mastermind behind Damasq and Hijabi, filled with wonderful products that are currently available for purchasing online. So, I thought why not share my views and reviews on all of the loveliness that I have received?!


The Volumizing Scrunchie
I think it was YaztheSpaz that made this not-so-little accessory famous, though I could be wrong. Anyway, this scrunchie was made to rival the ever so famous flowerclip/camel-hump clip, that most know and love. As I have mentioned before, I’m not a fan of the camel-hump hijab style, it’s just not who I am or what I’d wear. The most volume that I’ve ever had at the back of my head, was produced by the nifty little donut ring (which you can find here), so I wasn’t too keen on this scrunchie. However, I was quite pleased with the results!jan 1203

I found that the scrunchie gave me the perfect amount of volume and my head looked quite normal too – no alien-like resemblances, I swear. I also loved that even after wearing it for over 8hours, I experienced no headaches and my hair stayed intact – there was no need for tying and retying my hair. I used the scrunchie as a bun reinforcer, so I basically styled my hair into a bun and secured the bun with a hair-tie and then reinforced the bun with the scrunchie which I tied twice over my bun.

The scrunchie does feel sort of weird as its texture is quite velvety, which makes me squirm when I touch it but I guess the velvet fabric is what makes it stay on your hair. To be honest, it’s definitely a product you should look in to if you’re in need of some volume for your hijab or if you have issues with having your hair coming loose or your bun getting undone. You can find it here for just R70!


The Peach Ring Hijab by Shejab
This snood/infinity/loop scarf is from the famous hijab/modest wear design house, Shejab. It’s made from a high quality cerutti chiffon that isn’t scratchy or annoying and has a super cute mint velcro ring that covers the join in the scarf (coral+mint are my fav colour combos!). jan 1209

Now you’re meant to wear this scarf as a ‘hood’ with an underscarf for more coverage, like how the model is wearing it in the image below. But if you’re a turban fan, you can always double loop the scarf around your neck and pair it with a bold and funky turban. It’s also great for the colder months, when your neck is craving some extra warmth. jan 1240I recently wore mine with a hijab cap underneath and simply pinned it, from the inside, below my chin in order to cover my neck- so you can see it’s quite versatile when it comes to styling it. I love that it is easy throw on and effortless too. When I wear it, I honestly feel like I’m not wearing a scarf due to how light and airy it is. It’s perfect for our hot Summer months. If you’re interested in purchasing this gorg coral+mint ring hijab, you can find it here and here.


Summer Swirls Maxi Hijab
I love maxi hijabs! They’re easy to drape, style and they enable you to create the folds that you desire. They also offer plenty of coverage for both your hair and neck area, so it’s easy to see why they’re becoming more and more popular as the days go by. This particular one, is almost double the width of regular hijabs which makes the desirable folds totally possible. It’s also very soft and is 100% viscose which makes draping and styling that much simpler. jan 1207jan 1245

The colours on this one is really pretty too, there’s a ton of coral with strips of lemon and sky-blue thrown into the mix. I’m always a fan of scarves that have a few colours incorporated into the design as it makes creating an outfit along with accessories so much easier because your mind will draw inspiration from the colours used to create the scarf. If you love this scarf and simply must have it, you can find it here.


The Chinese Collar Stretch Abaya
Let me start off by saying, I don’t wear abayas. I don’t find them appealing at all and always feel so restrained whenever I do wear one. I haven’t worn an abaya for the past 2 years and I’m quite okay with that.

However, during December, I visited both Souks in search for a plain black abaya – why? Because every single black maxi dress that I did find was too tight or too short or just not what I wanted. Unfortunately, my search was fruitless, so all of that walking and keeping my eyes peeled was for nothing.

After a few days of sulking and major emoness, I hopped on over to Damasq’s FB page and saw this beauty of an abaya and the lovely Yasina was kind enough to send it over to me! Now as I said just now, it’s been like 2 years since I’ve worn an abaya so I was expecting myself to have mixed feelings on how the abaya looked on me – but I’m quite happy to admit that I was, well, happy with the result. jan 1242

jan 1211

I honestly feel it’s more like a dress than an abaya as it fits much better than an abaya usually would. The cut is quite a slim one, so there isn’t any bulkiness but neither is there any hugging of curves (not that I have any, but #justsaying). So, it’s still as modest as an abaya would be but a tad more flattering.

The fabric is also very cool and lightweight and doesn’t stick to your body which is much appreciated. It’s wonderful for days that are hot and sticky and even for those functions that are hosted in venues without AC’s, you know those ones in which you feel like you are about to collapse if a cool breeze doesn’t present itself? Yeah, it’s perfect for those.

The abaya is also easy to style, you can choose to wear it plain, or slap on a studded waistbelt for a glam look or you can pair it with a structured blazer and a skinny waistbelt for a more put together look. Black is just an easy colour to style and play with, so just have fun with it! I honestly wish I wore turbans, that way I’d get to show off the cute Chinese collar but I guess as long as I know it’s there, that should suffice! If you’re keen on this abaya or have been looking for a plain black abaya/maxi dress, this one is perfect for you. And at only R299, it’s a steal. You can find it here.


Oh yes, Damasq is having a sale on a few of their items, so you may want to check that out. And also, I’ll be featuring all of the above items in upcoming OOTD posts that way you can see why I love every item! But, in the mean time, happy shopping 😊.


2 Hijab Accessories that I can’t live without

During the past few weeks, I received a sweet little package from Yasina, over at Glitter Dust and Damasq, and in it contained 2 items that have changed my scarf-wearing life forever – seriously!

So before these 2 accessories made their way into my life, I really was content. I was quite happy and figured that the only things that I require for my scarf to look great was a few straight pins, a scarf pin, a hairband and a headband – and boy was I wrong!

When I first ripped open the package, the first thing I noticed – besides the little note from Yasina – was this black balaclava-type of underscarf. After trying it on, and of course after managing to calm myself down from laughing hysterically due to how weird and criminal-like I looked, I realised how amazing this product really is!



As you can see from the image above, the Complete Coverup or the Ninja Underscarf provides full coverage for your neck, ears and forehead! You obvi can determine how much of your forehead you want to be covered, by pulling the underscarf back or bringing it forward.

But what I like most about the underscarf, is that fact that it doesn’t squash my ears or give me that ‘tight’ feeling around my head. The fabric that the underscarf is made from is rather soft, allowing your head and ears to ‘breathe’ whilst wearing it. What’s also great is that there is enough fabric at the back of the underscarf which ensures that the back of your head and neck is always covered, whether your hair is in high pony, low or high bun or in a donut-bun!
These underscarves are particularly great if you a wearing a snood/infinity scarf. Usually with those scarves, the neck area is always left uncovered, but with this little amazing invention you can now ensure that it’s always covered! Plus, they are available in over 20 colours which means you can buy one to match every one of your scarves!

Okay, so like enough about the Complete Coverup, let me tell you about the Hair Donut!

The Hair Donut has been on the market for about a year or so now, but I never ever thought to wear it under my scarf! My hair is really long so it’s always in a bun and I never thought that the Donut will even fit my hair due to it’s length. But after playing around with the Donut for a while, and totally ignoring the instructions that it came with, I found a way to use it, that didn’t take much time but still secured my hair for the whole day.
Here’s what I did:
1) tied my hair into a pony;
2) slid the Donut through my pony;
3) next I folded my hair over the Donut;
4) secured it with a hairband and then; 5) wrapped the remainder hair around the base of the Donut and secured with a bobby pin!

That’s it! Uber simple 🙂

What I love about the Hair Donut, is the adequate volume and smooth look it gives my scarf. I will never wear those camel-hump flower clips under my scarf, as they are just too big and make me look as if I’ve got a growth at the back of my head, so the Hair Donut is a great substitute as it does look more natural and normal :).

I’ve been using the Complete Coverup (which has to be washed after 2 uses, you don’t want a build-up of bacteria, now do you?) and the Hair Donut everyday to campus and ever since, I’ve never had to to endure the awkwardness and frustration of removing my scarf to retie my hair or my scarf! My average day on campus is about 6 hours, so that’s how long it holds for. I’ve never tried using it for more than 6 hours though, so perhaps it might even hold longer! I simply love these 2 accessories and when used together they create some kind of magic – seriously!

If you’d like to purchase these amazing little dinge, you can find the Complete Coverup (R60) here and here and the Large Donut (R20) here.

Here’s to fully covered necks and naturally-smooth hairbuns!

All About: Ajmaan Scarves

Jersey-type scarves were never my thing. I always felt uncomfortable, claustrophobic and slightly hearing-impaired whenever I attempted to wear one – it just felt unnatural. However, over the past few months I’ve somehow grown accustom to these scarves and just can’t seem to get enough.
So when I received an awesome package from Hafiza, one of the Ajmaan distributors in SA, it really did make my day!


So if you don’t know ‘who’ Ajmaan is or ‘what’ an Ajmaan scarf is and somehow you seem to have missed the stall at the Al-Ansaar Souk, then let me explain. Ajmaan is the first pin-free scarf that was created in 2011, and is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur, Salma Navlakhi. She created it after noticing that women always had to pin their scarves to keep it from falling off and yet even though it was pinned, they still spent so much of time fixing their scarves.

Ajmaan basically aims to provide women with a scarf that is modest, chic and trendy all at once – allowing you to stay fashionable without comprising on your beliefs as a Muslim woman!

The 2 scarves that I received were the three-toned black, beige and leopard print scarf and the ruched scarf in burgundy.
Here’s what the scarves look like when worn, modeled by thee ever so stunning face of Ajmaan, Tasneem:



The three-toned ones are always a great choice as it goes well with almost everything, and leopard print is pretty much a neutral these days so it totally works. The ruched one though, is definitely my fav. It’s in a solid color which is always great and it’s something different due to the ruching. Many of the scarf shops are flooded with thee ‘normal’ scarves, so it’s wonderful to have one that’s so different!

You’ll be seeing both the scarves being featured on my blog as part of an OOTD post, hopefully sooner rather than later! I love doing OOTD posts and it seems to do well with you guys too, it’s just that OOTD posts do take a lot of time – as I can only get them done on weekends and I’ve got to make sure the outfit, accessories, lighting, weather and location is perfect (which doesn’t always work out!). But nevertheless, they will defo be featured! So please do look out for that :).

In the mean time, if you would like to purchase an Ajmaan scarf or if you are curious on how to wear yours then please do check out Hafiza’s blog!
You can also find Hafiza on FB here or follow her on Twitter here!

The Victorian Garden’s Lavender and Myrrh Facial Healing Oil is a must-have for damaged, scarred and acne-prone skin

I’ve been looking for a serum/facial oil to lighten/remove all the marks left behind from previous breakouts, without causing more breakouts. And lo and behold, I discovered this little beaut on Faithful To Nature’s website.


This facial oil is amazing. It truly is. I have had marks on my skin – red and brown marks – that refused to go away no matter how many home remedies I tried. But once I started using this facial healing oil, my marks have started to lighten as the days go by. I also love that even though this is an oil, it doesn’t bring up any new pimples whatsoever. And if I do happen to get a pimple, I just dab some of this magic oil on to it which helps to calm it and decrease in size.

This oil is perfect for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, oily skin or dry skin. It really does help to rejuvenate the skin and restore your skin’s texture over time – it’s a healing oil not a miracle worker!

I use it at night, applying 3 drops to my entire face, an hour before I sleep. I don’t ever sleep, straight after applying this oil because it will just rub off into the pillow which is defeating the purpose of using the oil.
I used to also add a drop to my foundation to give my face a glowing effect. But thankfully, I don’t find the need to use foundation everyday as I am much more confident and not so wary of my now not-so-visible marks. Yay me!

This little darling is packaged in a 12ml bottle and has a dropper attached to the cap for easy application.


I’ve been using it for a month now, and still have about 3/4 of the bottle left – so not only does it work, but it lasts long too. And for only R74, it’s a bargain! Try it out for a month or two, and honestly, you will see results! You can purchase it here or here!


4 of South Africa’s best online shopping sites!

I discovered the joys of online shopping in March of this year, and I have been obsessed ever since. The fact that you can do an insane amount of shopping whilst sitting on your couch, with the added bonus of not having to deal with long queues, really appealed to me.
I have tried out many online shopping sites, since March, but there are 4 sites, in particular, that have stood out as a result of the great customer service and product quality they each offer. And here they are, in no particular order:


1)Runway Sale:

Runway Sale offers designer brands at a discounted price but for a limited time only. Sales are only open to members and usually only a limited quantity of items are available, so you got to be quick. Some of their previous sales/events include Guess Jewellery and Watches, Triumph, Bronx Women, Playtex, Banana Moon and many others. In order to know when a sale is going down, become a member and receive email notifications or like them on twitter and Facebook and lookout for updates.

Delivery Fee: R45


2)Faithful to Nature:

Faithful to nature sells natural and organic products ranging from great skin care to healthy food and even some great home ware items. Each product is checked to verify that it is indeed green, earth-friendly and safe for us to use. They also have this cool policy that ensures that a free sample is included with every order that you make – with my last purchase I scored a 50ml bottle of naturalmente shampoo- totes amaze!

Delivery Fee: R35 and free delivery for orders over R250.



Style 36 is a retailer of both men’s and women’sfashion, as well as beauty. They have a great mix of both local and international brands and designers, as well as items in different price ranges catering to those of us on a budget (such as sad, sad university students like myself). I recently purchased from Style36 – Cyber Monday feeeeeveeeeer- and was pleased to note that they request a copy of your ID and the front of your credit card to verify that it is really you making the purchase!

Delivery Fee: Free! Free! Free! Every day, all day!



RubyBox has both a beauty boutique and what they call a “try-before-you-buy” beauty subscription of R119 a month. Their beauty boutique is stocked with great products from great brands, such as Stila, Smashbox, Yves Rocher, Soap & Glory and even Urban Decay, oh yeeah. They are even offering free delivery until 31 December 2013, now that is something to cheer about!

Delivery fee: R50 and free on all orders over R300.


If you haven’t checked out these sites yet, I suggest you do! Customer satisfaction is their aim and it is highly evident from the high level of customer service and astounding product quality that they are all achieving it.


Happy online shopping!