Blush Pink {OOTD}

Blush pink – 2 words that make me really happy. Lately, I’ve been finding myself drawn to anything in this (or close to) this colour and so, I decided to dedicate this OOTD post, specifically to the shade that makes me smile.

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Gold/Tulle OOTD

Hey guys!

So, I’m back with another collab featuring My Online Souk.

The lovely ladies over at MOS (find their website here) sent me another Diamanté-branded scarf to style – this time, it was black jersey scarf with gold detailing – which is obvi perfect for a wedding or an occasion that requires a lil’ bit of fancy.

Even though I’ve never styled/wore a jersey scarf as a turban before, I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to take on the challenge and make it work!
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Mouza {OOTD}

I know what you’re thinking. It has been ages since I’ve uploaded an OOTD post (or any post for that matter) but in my defence whenever I attempted to do a shoot, either the weather, the lighting or the location just didn’t work for me. Also, I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR technical difficulties so even when I did capture the most perfect images, I was unable to upload! But fear not, all is okay now, so you can look forward to many more OOTD posts!

I recently realized that finding an item that is easy to wear, doesn’t require a lot of effort and that can be worn in many different ways is difficult but not impossible.
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Summer Swirls {OOTD}

About 2 weeks ago, I featured the very simple & elegant Chinese collared abaya from Damasq and this week I’m featuring one of Hijabi’s (Damasq’s sister store) maxi hijabs, which I’ll tell you more about further below!

This look is basically what I would wear to go shopping or for ice-cream at the beach. It features two of my favourite colours, coral and mint, and two of my favourite pieces of clothing – a denim shirt and a maxi skirt! So you could say that this is one of my favourite looks ever! Okay, maybe not ever, but you get what I’m saying!
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Damasq {OOTD}

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a Chinese collared abaya and a few scarves and accessories that I received from the very sweet Yasina, the mastermind behind Damasq and Hijabi. So, I thought why not feature these wonderful products in an OOTD post instead of just telling you guys about it! I’m starting off the features with the very simple yet beautiful Chinese collared abaya.IMG_4110

Unfortunately, in this post you can’t see the actual Chinese collar because of how my scarf is styled – but I do have an image of it here, if you’d like to see.
Even though, it does have such a collar, it doesn’t suffocate you at all. I’m one of those people who hate polo necks because of how claustrophobic it makes me feel, so I really was quite surprised that the Chinese collar still allowed me to breathe –really!!

I decided to pair this abaya with neutral colours, so I stuck to gold, beige and a few shades of brown. And because it’s black, it’s quite versatile in the sense that you can pair it with any colour and it will look fab.IMG_4109
I see the abaya as more of a maxi dress than an abaya as it’s flexible in terms of styling it. Most abayas are already kitted out with some bling or flowy sleeves so there isn’t much room to play around with when it comes to styling it.
With this abaya, you can literally just throw it on along with a scarf and a pair of shoes and be on your way – or you can belt it and accessorize it if you want a more structured and thought-out look.



I paired my abaya with a skinny gold belt, gold D’Orsay pumps, a gold triangle necklace, a printed envelope clutch and a pashmina worn as a head scarf. But you can always pair it with some heels, a turban and a shopper bag – if that’s your go-to style. As I said, it’s quite flexible so anything goes!IMG_4102

Scarf: Pashmina
Abaya: Damasq
Belt: Forever New
Shoes: Gino Paoli
Bag: ModaScapa
Necklace: Legit

If you are into maxi dresses or abayas, I really would suggest you get yourself one of these -you can even pair it with a biker jacket or a maxi cardigan if you’d like to see it transition into a Winter piece. You can find it here for just R299!
Btw, look out for my next OOTD post that will feature the Summer Swirls maxi scarf from Hijabi, which you can find here.