Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner vs Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

If there’s one thing I can’t leave home without, it’s eyeliner. And recently, I’ve convinced myself to be a tad more adventurous and trusting of brands so I decided to try out two new eyeliners from brands other than Smashbox and Stila.

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Gettin’ lippy with it

It wasn’t too long ago when the Strawberry scented Labello was the only lip product I owned. But recently, I’ve been more and more obsessed with lip products, so I thought I’d share 3 of my favorites with you.


Blistex Simple and Sensitive Lip Balm
I recently had somewhat of an allergic reaction to the ingredients in both the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss and one of the Smashbox lip glosses – in general, my lips don’t play well with glosses. Anyway, I tried everything from Maybelline’s BabyLips to Vaseline even Zambuk and plain ol’ olive oil to try and get my lips back to normal but nothing worked. My lips were extremely dry and itchy and the upper one had turned a dark brown -which I’m assuming is an indication that the gloss burnt my lips – and was just horrible and annoying to look at.
Finally, I came across this beauty from Blistex and I kid you not, the next morning my lips were back to their usual self – plumpy and hydrated and no longer brown! IMG_1194
Initially, I was a bit hesitant to pay 40bucks for a balm that looked like it travelled all the way from the 90’s due to it’s rather crappy and lame packaging, however I’m glad that I did purchase it!
Apart from it’s aforementioned lack in visual appeal, it works superbly and always, ALWAYS, makes my lips feel great! I use it every night before bed and throughout the day. I also use it as a lip base for every lip product that I use. I find that since the Blistex balm is quite moisturizing, when used with another lip product, it gives my lips a very hydrated and healthy look and stops coloured lip products from drying out my lips and settling within my lip lines.
This is one product that I don’t think I can live without. And yeah, I’m even willing to pay another 40bucks for it if it means that my lips won’t have another incident!


Revlon’s ColourBurst Matte Balm in Unapologetic
I love chubby crayon-like lip products. I find it much easier to slick on than a lipstick and I find that they are quite pigmented too.
This particular one, is very hydrating, brightly coloured, smells minty and long-lasting too.

IMG_1186 I wouldn’t willingly purchase such a bright colour, however I received this at one of the Cosmo 2014 events and have loved it ever since. This is my go-to lip colour if I’m planning to have some fun in the sun or a quick trip to the local mall. I usually apply my Blistex Simple and Sensitive Balm as a lip base and then follow up with this chubby and blend into my lips. This particular shade will work well on fair, medium, olive and darker skin tones, so it’s a definite must-have.IMG_1198-1


Catrice’s Long Lasting Lip Pencil in Red Lip District 050
So, this is the first lip pencil that I’ve ever purchased/used. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been interested in lip pencils. Perhaps, I thought that it was only for lining lips and wasn’t willing to invest that much of time in my lips where I’d have to line them and fill them in too.IMG_1191
Anyway, this one was quite an impulse buy. I think I paid about R13 for this one during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on Kalahari  (you can find the lip liner here and even get it for free with the current promotion on Kalahari) and was excited to see what it was like. I wasn’t expecting much and thought it’d be average but it actually surprised me. It is quite bright and red and much, much more moisturizing than I thought a lip liner would be ( I compared this to an Essence one that I bought at the same time, and the Essence one really dried out my lips). IMG_1204-1

I’m not a fan of red lips, so I blended this one into my Blistex coated lips and created a subtle watermelon-red shade which I love. I usually wear the lip liner + Blistex duo when shopping or on a night out in which I amp up the pigment from watermelon red to water ice-cream red. The normal selling price is about R30 and is such a steal! I’m sure it isn’t as wonderful as a MAC or a Bobbi Brown liner but really does produce amazing results at a fraction of the cost and is perfect for those beauties on a budget!


Let’s hope that this year, my love for and collection of lip products grows extensively!


September 2014 Favourites

Since I’ve been tres busy and haven’t really had a chance to compile separate reviews for each of the goodies that I’m currently in love with, I thought I’d combine my September favs into one post. This means short and sweet reviews on a variety of must-have products 🙂 Somehow, for this favourites post, I ended up with products from all different categories- lips, eyes, body, hair, and face. I swear, it was totally coincidental!

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Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker 3D Volume Lip Shine Gloss Stick in Fuschia-Ristic

So unfortunately, Soap & Glory isn’t available in SA just yet, but if you find yourself (or a friend) going overseas soon then you will definitely want to get your hands on this gloss stick.mid sept 062


I’m not a huge fan of lip products, I’m more for eye shadows and eyeliners but I think I love everything about this product. The corally shade of this particular one looks amazing on Indian skin and works well with a full-faced makeup look or with a simple winged eyeliner and a slick of mascara.

Another aspect of this gloss stick that I love, is its texture. It’s much like ‘BabyLips meets lipstick’, which means you get the amazing moisture and a bit of shine without compromising on the pigment. It is basically the perfect combo of a lipgloss and a lipstick. And if you have chapped/dry lips, fear not! The gloss stick hides the dryness whilst simultaneously trying to rectify the situation by keeping your lips moisturized. I usually apply a few coats of this gloss stick before bed, that way when I wake up I have perfectly soft, smooth and moisturized lips with a hint of colour!

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Revlon’s Bold Lacquer Mascara in 001 Blackest Black Noir Intense

So, this goodie is the latest addition to Revlon’s long list of mascaras, and by golly you need this in your life! I’ve been using Smashbox’s Full Exposure Mascara for the last year or so, and was convinced that no other mascara could come close – I guess I was wrong. The Bold Lacquer Mascara provides you with the blackest of black, almost clump-less, voluminous, lengthy lashes that won’t flake. It’s a must-have!

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The Victorian Garden’s Apricot and Walnut Exfoliating Facial Polish

I love TVG and their products never, ever fail me. The latest TVG product that I have tried out was their bril Facial Polish. I have combination + acne-prone skin along some acne scars and marks on my cheeks, so exfoliating is an essential step in my skin care routine. After using this product for about a month (thrice a week), I noticed that the marks on my cheeks were significantly lighter and the texture of my skin was now softer and smoother. The secret of this facial polish is the little apricot and walnut granules that work so well to eliminate all dead facial skin cells that are hanging about on your face. Unfortunately, I did notice a few teeny, tiny whiteheads pop up around my jaw after using this product, but after applying TVG’s healing facial oil they promptly disappeared. This is really one of the best exfoliators I’ve tried and I definitely think it’s worth the buy.

And oh yes, cautionary warning: Please do not go cray with the exfoliating, excessive exfoliating does not = faster results. You might just scrub your face off and end up with dry patches everywhere – not cool!

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John Frieda’s Full Repair Serum

Healthy, shiny and super soft hair is always something that we should strive toward. And just because I don’t show my hair, that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be awesome. I received this goodie along with a few others from John Frieda and I’ve been smitten ever since. It’s been years since I’ve cut my hair, so naturally I have the much dreaded split ends. I’m not sure if the serum rectifies the split end issue but it does make my hair look uhmazing. I think it’s more of a temp solution, like it makes the split ends disappear only for a limited period of time – but then again I’ve only been using it for about a month now so maybe my view on that will change. I apply 2 pumps of this awesomeness after towel-drying my hair and then another 2 pumps just before styling it. I’m slightly obsessed with the smell of this serum, it just reminds me of being pampered, so I apply another 2 pumps just before bed. My hair instantly looks shinier and healthier and the split ends are hidden too. It’s hair heaven 😀

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Dove’s Intensive Nourishing Lotion

Along with Rain’s Hand & Body Lotion, this is another body lotion that I really do enjoy using. I was lucky enough to receive this lotion in Unilever’s Winter Media Box in July but can’t seem to figure out why I never tried it out back then. I mean, this beaut does everything that it said it would – it intensely nourishes and moisturizes the skin whilst leaving it smooth, supple and soft to the touch. My skin is always seeking that extra nourishment, especially on colder days, and Dove’s Intensive Nourishing Lotion really does give my skin that extra boost of moisture and hydration. The lotion has this wonderful Cream Oil that moisturizes without looking or feeling greasy and it is absolutely superb when applied after shower.end sept 168