Rubybox Sale Haul

In January, Rubybox had an awesome sale on a ton of their beauty goodies – most items were fairly marked down whilst others were as cheap as chips. I knew what I needed/wanted, so I gathered my must-haves into my basket and checked out. I picked up 3 gel eyeliners, an eyelash curler and a makeup brush cleanser. And here’s what I thought of all the items I purchased.

The Gel Eyeliners
Yardley’s Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner in Copper Gleam and Forest Fantasy and Smashbox’s Jet Set Eyeliner in Dark Brown ( I really wanted the black, but it wasn’t available!), all made their way into my virtual basket.
jan 225 jan 226 jan 237

Even though I’m a huge Smashbox fan, I’d have to say that the Yardley gel eyeliners are just as good as the Smashbox one. Besides being packaged the same way and both being accompanied by a nifty brush that makes application easy, the gel eyeliners from both brands have an insane staying power, are highly pigmented and dries on the lids in less than a minute. jan 252

This was my very first time purchasing/using a gel eyeliner – I’m more of an eye pencil and liquid liner girl – but I enjoyed using them and will definitely be purchasing more. The Copper gel eyeliner from Yardley is still on sale on Rubybox for just R29,95 each, find it here. And if you’re wondering, I paid just R89.95 for the Smashbox one, which usually retails for R239.95 ūüėĆ

The Eyelash Curler
I’ve been searching for an affordable and trustworthy eyelash curler for months now – and I finally got my paws on the Rubybox Beauty Eyelash Curler. jan 214

To be honest, I think that an eyelash curler is one of the most important beauty tools – every girl needs to own one. This particular one from Rubybox checks all the boxes for me – curls my lashes without a fuss, is painless and doesn’t tug on my lashes and has two replacement rubber parts!

It will most likely last you for about 3 years, if not longer, so paying R79,95 should be a breeze – it’s an investment in your lashes, after all! You can find the curler here!

The Makeup Brush Cleanser
It can be a fuss to clean/wash your brushes everyday especially if you may need to use the same brush over 3 or 4 consecutive days and you don’t have a spare – so this is where the Fresh in a Flash Brush Cleanser from Rubybox beauty fits in.
jan 240

All you’ve got to do is spray some of this magic cleansing liquid onto your brush, wait 5 seconds and then wipe your brush back and forth on to a paper towel to get rid of makeup and the liquid and voila! your brushes are clean! For those of you who use your angled liner brush to apply liquid liner will appreciate this as you know your brush gets hard and stiff once the product has dried on it – but in about 30 seconds after applying the FIAF Brush Cleanser your brush will be as good as new!

This brush cleanser is more of a temporary quick fix, so your brushes still need to be properly washed regularly to keep them clean, fresh and as good as new. It’s basically the dry shampoo for your brushes! I’ll be sharing my makeup brush cleansing method with you guys soon, so look out for that.
This brush cleanser is definitely my favorite from all the items purchased, so if you’re interested in buying some of this magic potion for your brushes, you can find it here for just R69,95


Love surprises? Why not surprise yourself with Rubybox

About a week or two ago, I received a wonderful little surprise from the lovelies over at Rubybox. I was quite excited to just dive into this little pinkish red box to discover if this would be a surprise that I would love, since I’m not a total fan of surprises . Well, I‚Äôm glad to report that I loved this surprise, well, loved almost all of it.
So, included in this little box of beauty surprises was a Rubybox branded nail polish and smooch stick, a Swedish eggwhite facial care soap and a Natural Lab tinted face cream ‚Äď all of which you can see below.

jan 459


Rubybox Smooch Stick in Red My Mind
I decided to begin the review with my fav of them all. I honestly love this smooch stick. It glides on perfectly, is well pigmented and is long lasting too. It’s the perfect red and I’m pretty sure it will suit almost any skin tone.jan 197

I find that a little goes a long way, so I apply very little to the middle of both my upper and lower lip, press my lips together and rub from side to side. And in about 15seconds my lips are all dressed up in this wonderful creamy, scarlet red pigment. If you’re interested in purchasing this smooch stick, you can find it here. jan 248


Natural Lab Tinted Natural Face Cream
I haven’t actually heard of this brand before, with that said I think it’s a great brand judging from this face cream. It has an SPF of 30 which makes your life so much easier, has a bit of a tint/colour which will help to even out your skin tone and provides a slight summer glow to the face.jan 201

It does say that it is suitable for sensitive skin, however I am not brave enough to try it out on my face so I can‚Äôt say whether that is true or not. Also, if you apply too much of this product you may end up looking sweaty/oily, so it’s best to begin with a little bit of product and then build on from there. If you’re interested in purchasing this tinted face cream/sunblock you can find it here.


Rubybox Beauty Nailed It! Lacquer in Pretty Minted
To be honest, I¬†don’t use nail polish so this¬†particular surprise wasn’t¬†amongst the ones that I loved. I did, however, try it out for review purposes,¬†and¬†unfortunately I wasn’t a fan. I’m not sure if I was applying it correctly or not, but I felt like I needed at¬†least 3 coats of the nail polish to achieve an opaque look. And after applying the 3 coats,¬†it felt extremely thick and gloopy on my nails and just wasn’t¬†cute at all.jan 200

I was quite shocked that I didn’t like this nail lacquer, because I’ve tried the By the¬†Seaside¬†shade (I received it at the Durban Blogger Meet in 2014) and that one was¬†really wonderful. The shimmer was much more apparent than the shimmer in this one and 1 coat was enough to¬†completely cover my nail.¬†Maybe someone else would have a different opinion on¬†Pretty Minted than me, but that’s how I feel about it. The colour is really pretty though so I just wish it was more effective. You can find it here.


Lanolin Agg-Tval Swedish Facial Soap
Made from egg whites, rosewater and lanolin, this soap is amazingly moisturizing and conditioning. Due to my acne-prone skin, I haven’t tried it out on my face but it has done wonders for my hands. It cleanses the skin to a point where it feels squeaky clean but not dry -so it is truly a pleasure to use.

Most who have used it (those with oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin) have all had only good things to say, some even claimed that it helped calm down active acne which would make sense as rose water has soothing properties. If you’d like to get your hands (muhahahaha, mind the pun) on this little wonder of a soap, you can find it here.
jan 213


The above box and its contents was the January Surprise Box which varied from person to person – which is the aim of the Surprise Box. It provides you with luxury and trial sized beauty products that are customized to your beauty profile and will include a variety of makeup, hair care and fragrances.

If you’d like to receive a Surprise Box from Rubybox every month, you can sign up here. Usually, it would cost you R169 a month but if you use the coupon 2015SURPRISE you will pay just R119 for your very first Surprise Box. If you’ve got the cash to spare, it is a really great way to introduce yourself to new brands and products and to perhaps discover a newbie that you love!

Event: Durban Blogger Meet

I was lucky enough to be afforded the fab opportunity of attending Durban’s first ever blogger meet, this past Saturday – and boy, was it uhmaaaazing!


So here’s all thee deets:

The Venue:
The meet was held at the fairly new Hashtag Social Restaurant, located at 18 Windermere Road. Hashtag has an uber cool setup and awesome atmosphere. They have these bright yellow chairs and tables that have totally adorable teal stands – it’s so quirky and cute, my kind of style! And they have these oh-so-huge windows that allow all the sunlight to shine through which brightens up the whole room. It’s basically an amazing place to chill out, soak up the sun and have some fun!

Unfortunately, they aren’t Halaal so I couldn’t taste their food, but I did have a cup of coffee, which was surprisingly delish – I’m a tea lover and I almost never drink coffee, so for me to say it was good, then it totally must have been!

So what did you lucky ladies get up to at the meet?
We mingled at first and got to meet and greet our fellow Durban bloggers, munched on some cupcakes, macarons and cake pops and we had some amazing people from great brands address us.

We had Mandy from Kitten Action telling us all about the amazing and truly inspiring work that she does for all the darling, little homeless kitties.

Brett (I think his name was Brett? Someone correct me if I’m wrong!) from Fry’s Food also took time out to chat to us about the importance of eating more veggies and less meat and we received some vouchers from them too! It’s so awesome because all of their items are certified by SANHA. YAY!

There were also 2 lovely ladies from Lenovo, who chatted to us about Lenovo’s new tablet, The Yoga 8. It’s flippen’ amazing, it’s ¬†super skinny, lightweight and uber simple to use. And guess what??¬†They were¬†also giving away TWO, yes TWO, Yoga 8 tablets! I know, totes cray,¬†but unfortunately I wasn’t one of thee lucky winners! Perhaps next time ūüė¶

The lovely and super sweet Karen from Philosophia Botanica was there too. She chatted to us about all of their amazing products and even brought some for us to try out.  Their products smell so invigorating but what I love the most is that none of their products contain parabens, artificial colors, mineral oil, silicone or any animal raw materials. Superb!


Awesome! And what about the goodie bag? How was it??

The goodie bag was fan-frikken-tastically, unbelievably awesome! Thanks to Michelle, Verushka and Nicola we had tons of amazing sponsors that provided such amazing goodies for us! We are so lucky and so blessed to have been spoilt that much.

Here’s a list of all our sponsors:

  • Anna Louise
  • Blend Box
  • Chocolate Memories
  • Clarins
  • Consol
  • Cooee
  • Debonairs
  • Elephantshoe
  • Essentials Magazine
  • Filo Yoghurt
  • Fry’s
  • Golden Cloud
  • Grazia
  • Greenleaf Olive co
  • Hashtag
  • Huawei
  • Ice Box Colors
  • John Frieda
  • Le Creuset
  • Lenovo
  • Lou Harvey
  • Madame Macaron
  • MyScoop
  • Oh So Heavenly
  • Optiphi
  • Penguin Books
  • Philosophia Botanica
  • Ponds
  • Rebelink
  • REN
  • Romantic Events
  • Rondavel
  • Royal Dansk
  • Rubybox
  • SecondTreasures
  • Smith’s Bake Shop
  • Stila
  • Swee & Moo
  • Synergy
  • Tasha’s Fudge
  • Thierry Mugler
  • Thrift Collection
  • Uber
  • Wakaberry
  • Washi Bug
  • Zomato
  • YW Couture

Phew!! I cant believe there were so many amazing sponsors! Thank you to each  and every one of them! I absolutely adore every single item that made it into my goodie bag, truly awesome! And a special thanks goes to Rain, I was lucky enough to walk away with a few of their products as part of the giveaway on Saturday. So ecstatic!

I’ve got so many new goodies to try out and review so you guys can expect A LOT of blog posts, in the upcoming weeks. The goodies are just too good not to blog about!


And oh yes, a huge, heartfelt thanks goes out to Michelle, Verushka and Nicola for organizing such a stupendous event and making it such a success. You guys are truly amazing, our 3 beautiful Oprahs! Now I cant wait for the next one, teehee!


Yummy cupcakes from Smith's bake shop

Yummy cupcakes from Smith’s bake shop

So cute, I know!

So cute, I know!

Sweet table treats from Blink mints

Sweet table treats from Blink mints

How cute are these cake pops?

How cute are these cake pops?

The super sweet Karen from Philosophia Botanica

The super sweet Karen from Philosophia Botanica

Michelle realizing that I am taking a photo of her and her gorgeous pink hair

Michelle realizing that I am taking a photo of her and her gorgeous pink hair

Verushka welcoming us to the event

Verushka welcoming us to the event

Nicola and Michelle singing along to "If you happy and you know it"..kidding!

Nicola and Michelle singing along to “If you happy and you know it”..kidding!

The lovely Mandy, from Kitten Action

The lovely Mandy, from Kitten Action

All about Kitten Action

All about Kitten Action

Yes. yes the coveted Yoga 8 tablet! How sweet is it??

Yes. yes the coveted Yoga 8 tablet! How sweet is it??

Karen's gorgeous cupcakes

Karen’s gorgeous cupcakes

Smile, for the close up :)

Smile, for the close up ūüôā

A glimpse into our fab goodie bag

A glimpse into our fab goodie bag

Eeek! I got the long, white PJ pants from Anna Louise!

Eeek! I got the long, white PJ pants from Anna Louise!

Darling party goodies from Lou Harvey

Darling party goodies from Lou Harvey

The weekly planner from Elephantshoe so beautifully wrapped

The weekly planner from Elephantshoe so beautifully wrapped

Sales of the week: 3/03/14

Since I know how much you lovelies love sales, I decided to create a weekly feature to alert you of all thee wonderful sales that are happening online and in store! 20140303-200759.jpg

1. RubyBox Beauty Blowout Sale
Check out RubyBox’s March Beauty Blowout sale until 31 March for some amazing offers.


2. Runway Sale’s Forever New event
So if you don’t know who or what Runway Sale is, you clearly have been living under a rock for the past year or two – check out my post here to find out more about who and what RS is all about!
The Forever New event ends on 7 March, so get shopping!


3. Zando’s Sale items
So this isn’t a specific sale event, it’s just items that are reduced. But do check it out, you are bound to find some gems!


4. Sheet Street Reduced to clear
Sheet Street (online) is offering up to33% off on items, totes amaze, I know! But it’s only whilst stocks last, so get shopping girlies!


5.Superbalist Boom Sale
Apart from the Cyber Monday sales, this was probably the most amazing sale ever! But unfortunately, I didn’t get to purchase a thing, sigh priorities! They having up to 90% off home stuff, women’s and men’s fashion and art and yada, yada, yada. Just click on the link maaaan!


Happy shopping, lovelies!!


4 of South Africa’s best online shopping sites!

I discovered the joys of online shopping in March of this year, and I have been obsessed ever since. The fact that you can do an insane amount of shopping whilst sitting on your couch, with the added bonus of not having to deal with long queues, really appealed to me.
I have tried out many online shopping sites, since March, but there are 4 sites, in particular, that have stood out as a result of the great customer service and product quality they each offer. And here they are, in no particular order:


1)Runway Sale:

Runway Sale offers designer brands at a discounted price but for a limited time only. Sales are only open to members and usually only a limited quantity of items are available, so you got to be quick. Some of their previous sales/events include Guess Jewellery and Watches, Triumph, Bronx Women, Playtex, Banana Moon and many others. In order to know when a sale is going down, become a member and receive email notifications or like them on twitter and Facebook and lookout for updates.

Delivery Fee: R45


2)Faithful to Nature:

Faithful to nature sells natural and organic products ranging from great skin care to healthy food and even some great home ware items. Each product is checked to verify that it is indeed green, earth-friendly and safe for us to use. They also have this cool policy that ensures that a free sample is included with every order that you make ‚Ästwith my last purchase¬†I scored a 50ml bottle of naturalmente shampoo- totes amaze!

Delivery Fee: R35 and free delivery for orders over R250.



Style 36 is a retailer of both men‚Äôs and women‚Äôsfashion, as well as beauty. They have a great mix of both local and international brands and designers, as well as items in different price ranges¬†catering to those of us on a budget (such as sad, sad university students like myself). I recently purchased from Style36 ‚Äď Cyber Monday feeeeeveeeeer- and was pleased to note that they request a copy of your ID and the front of your credit card to verify that it is really you making the purchase!

Delivery Fee: Free! Free! Free! Every day, all day!



RubyBox has both a beauty boutique and what they call a ‚Äútry-before-you-buy‚ÄĚ beauty subscription of R119 a month. Their beauty boutique is stocked with great products from great brands, such as Stila, Smashbox, Yves Rocher, Soap & Glory and even Urban Decay, oh yeeah. They are even offering free delivery until 31 December 2013, now that is something to cheer about!

Delivery fee: R50 and free on all orders over R300.


If you haven’t checked out these sites yet, I suggest you do! Customer satisfaction is their aim and it is highly evident from the high level of customer service and astounding product quality that they are all achieving it.


Happy online shopping!



Stila’s Best of Kitten Set

During my recent shopping spree at RubyBox, I purchased this amazing Stila Best of Kitten set.

meep 101

The set contains Stila’s:

  • All over shimmer liquid luminizer in kitten;
  • Smudge stick waterproof eye liner in angel fish;
  • Eye shadow in kitten;
  • Lip glaze in kitten and
  • A super cute make up bag.

I simply adore this set is because it is adds a touch of sparkle without overdoing it, which makes it a must have for this holiday season. Moreover, all of the products are in a neutral shade which works well with any skin tone.

From left to right: Stila's eye shadow in Kitten, Lip Glaze in Kitten, All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten and Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Angel Fish.

From left to right: Stila’s eye shadow in Kitten, Lip Glaze in Kitten, All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten and Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Angel Fish.

The eye shadow and eyeliner both have great staying power and assists in awakening the eyes.  Whilst the lip glaze adds a touch if sparkle to the lips. Together, these 3 products are great if you want to achieve a stunning everyday look for campus or work, without being OTT.

The shimmer liquid luminizer is my favourite product of them all. I add a tiny bit to my foundation to achieve gorgeous glow and I dab a little to the apple of my cheeks and under my brows to highlight these areas.

Stila’s best of kitten set is a great buy and is a steal at only R289.95. It will make a great edition to your make up collection or will be a perfect gift for a friend or family member!

P.S. I got mine for only R239.95 from RubyBox, thanks to my large sum of RubyRands!


Have you checked out Rubybox?

I discovered Rubybox at the beginning of this year and since then I have purchased many times from them and even got my sisters and other family members hooked on.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! Their beauty store is stocked with great brands such as Soap & Glory, Urban Decay and

Skin Science, amongst others.  Furthermore, they are  frequently having flash sales and offering free samples with your purchase.

They even have this cool points system ‚Äď whenever you make a purchase, write a review, refer a friend or have a birthday you earn RubyRands which can be redeemed against future purchases. 1 RubyRand=1 Rand. Plus, you get an awesome R50 coupon just for creating an account, say whaaaat?!

There’s also the monthly RubyBox subscription that they offer, for R119 a month you receive a box filled with 5 surprise products. The products are suited to your beauty needs, dependant on the information you fill in on your beauty profile. I, personally, am not a fan of surprises ( I get anxious and totally cray cray just thinking about getting surprise items) so I’m not signed up for it. However, my sister is, and she always has great reviews about her boxes.

So we know the beauty store stocks great products, the points system is off the charts and the monthly Rubyboxes are great but what about their service?

Well, recently I made 3 purchases from the beauty store. Unfortunately, when my first order arrived I was totally disappointed.The eye shadow compact was totes ruined,  I’m guessing it got damaged whilst in transit as the package was not marked fragile. Anyway, as soon as I realised it was damaged I tweeted and emailed Rubybox and I received a reply immediately from their twitter account. Soon after, someone from customer services contacted me and assured me that they will be sending a new eye shadow compact through. And they did , wooohoooo! The other two orders arrived a few days after the first one and I had no issues whatsoever.

So, if you don’t have an account with RubyBox or did not even know they existed until now, click here to check them out- it’s worth the data usage, I promise!