And the 2014 Oscars Best Dressed Award goes to..

Awards season is the most exciting time for me! I don’t care about the nominees or the winners, all I care about is who wore what and how they wore it! So as soon as I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning, I scrolled through Google Images looking for all of the stunning red carpet looks.

I’ve finally chosen the 3 celebs, that in my opinion, were the best dressed last night. All of these celebs went for the less is more approach-there were no heavily beaded dresses, excessive trails or over-accessorizing crimes committed, thank God! It was just simple and tasteful like it should be.

So without further adieu, here are my best dressed picks, in order of uuuhmazingness:

1. Kate Hudson


2. Charlize Theron


3. Kristen Bell


Who were your best dressed picks?



DIY: Simple and easy Hijab Pins in just 4 steps!

I’m so bored of the usual, boring hijab pins out there – so I create my own! And it’s super simple!

All you need is:
•Jump Rings/ Super mini key rings
•Variety of Charms
•Straight pins with a hook at the end to attach the charms

Step 1:
Pry open the jump ring with your pliers.


Step 2:
Attach the jump ring to the hook on the pin.


Step 3:
Attach your charm to the jump ring.


Step 4:
Close up your jump ring to ensure that your pin is secure in place.


And done!
Check out the other hijab pins I created below – the charms are from broken earrings/bracelets, keyrings, pendants etc. Totally unique and so simple to make!


Happy DIY’ing!!