Event: Durban Blogger Meet

I was lucky enough to be afforded the fab opportunity of attending Durban’s first ever blogger meet, this past Saturday – and boy, was it uhmaaaazing!


So here’s all thee deets:

The Venue:
The meet was held at the fairly new Hashtag Social Restaurant, located at 18 Windermere Road. Hashtag has an uber cool setup and awesome atmosphere. They have these bright yellow chairs and tables that have totally adorable teal stands – it’s so quirky and cute, my kind of style! And they have these oh-so-huge windows that allow all the sunlight to shine through which brightens up the whole room. It’s basically an amazing place to chill out, soak up the sun and have some fun!

Unfortunately, they aren’t Halaal so I couldn’t taste their food, but I did have a cup of coffee, which was surprisingly delish – I’m a tea lover and I almost never drink coffee, so for me to say it was good, then it totally must have been!

So what did you lucky ladies get up to at the meet?
We mingled at first and got to meet and greet our fellow Durban bloggers, munched on some cupcakes, macarons and cake pops and we had some amazing people from great brands address us.

We had Mandy from Kitten Action telling us all about the amazing and truly inspiring work that she does for all the darling, little homeless kitties.

Brett (I think his name was Brett? Someone correct me if I’m wrong!) from Fry’s Food also took time out to chat to us about the importance of eating more veggies and less meat and we received some vouchers from them too! It’s so awesome because all of their items are certified by SANHA. YAY!

There were also 2 lovely ladies from Lenovo, who chatted to us about Lenovo’s new tablet, The Yoga 8. It’s flippen’ amazing, it’s  super skinny, lightweight and uber simple to use. And guess what?? They were also giving away TWO, yes TWO, Yoga 8 tablets! I know, totes cray, but unfortunately I wasn’t one of thee lucky winners! Perhaps next time 😦

The lovely and super sweet Karen from Philosophia Botanica was there too. She chatted to us about all of their amazing products and even brought some for us to try out.  Their products smell so invigorating but what I love the most is that none of their products contain parabens, artificial colors, mineral oil, silicone or any animal raw materials. Superb!


Awesome! And what about the goodie bag? How was it??

The goodie bag was fan-frikken-tastically, unbelievably awesome! Thanks to Michelle, Verushka and Nicola we had tons of amazing sponsors that provided such amazing goodies for us! We are so lucky and so blessed to have been spoilt that much.

Here’s a list of all our sponsors:

  • Anna Louise
  • Blend Box
  • Chocolate Memories
  • Clarins
  • Consol
  • Cooee
  • Debonairs
  • Elephantshoe
  • Essentials Magazine
  • Filo Yoghurt
  • Fry’s
  • Golden Cloud
  • Grazia
  • Greenleaf Olive co
  • Hashtag
  • Huawei
  • Ice Box Colors
  • John Frieda
  • Le Creuset
  • Lenovo
  • Lou Harvey
  • Madame Macaron
  • MyScoop
  • Oh So Heavenly
  • Optiphi
  • Penguin Books
  • Philosophia Botanica
  • Ponds
  • Rebelink
  • REN
  • Romantic Events
  • Rondavel
  • Royal Dansk
  • Rubybox
  • SecondTreasures
  • Smith’s Bake Shop
  • Stila
  • Swee & Moo
  • Synergy
  • Tasha’s Fudge
  • Thierry Mugler
  • Thrift Collection
  • Uber
  • Wakaberry
  • Washi Bug
  • Zomato
  • YW Couture

Phew!! I cant believe there were so many amazing sponsors! Thank you to each  and every one of them! I absolutely adore every single item that made it into my goodie bag, truly awesome! And a special thanks goes to Rain, I was lucky enough to walk away with a few of their products as part of the giveaway on Saturday. So ecstatic!

I’ve got so many new goodies to try out and review so you guys can expect A LOT of blog posts, in the upcoming weeks. The goodies are just too good not to blog about!


And oh yes, a huge, heartfelt thanks goes out to Michelle, Verushka and Nicola for organizing such a stupendous event and making it such a success. You guys are truly amazing, our 3 beautiful Oprahs! Now I cant wait for the next one, teehee!


Yummy cupcakes from Smith's bake shop

Yummy cupcakes from Smith’s bake shop

So cute, I know!

So cute, I know!

Sweet table treats from Blink mints

Sweet table treats from Blink mints

How cute are these cake pops?

How cute are these cake pops?

The super sweet Karen from Philosophia Botanica

The super sweet Karen from Philosophia Botanica

Michelle realizing that I am taking a photo of her and her gorgeous pink hair

Michelle realizing that I am taking a photo of her and her gorgeous pink hair

Verushka welcoming us to the event

Verushka welcoming us to the event

Nicola and Michelle singing along to "If you happy and you know it"..kidding!

Nicola and Michelle singing along to “If you happy and you know it”..kidding!

The lovely Mandy, from Kitten Action

The lovely Mandy, from Kitten Action

All about Kitten Action

All about Kitten Action

Yes. yes the coveted Yoga 8 tablet! How sweet is it??

Yes. yes the coveted Yoga 8 tablet! How sweet is it??

Karen's gorgeous cupcakes

Karen’s gorgeous cupcakes

Smile, for the close up :)

Smile, for the close up 🙂

A glimpse into our fab goodie bag

A glimpse into our fab goodie bag

Eeek! I got the long, white PJ pants from Anna Louise!

Eeek! I got the long, white PJ pants from Anna Louise!

Darling party goodies from Lou Harvey

Darling party goodies from Lou Harvey

The weekly planner from Elephantshoe so beautifully wrapped

The weekly planner from Elephantshoe so beautifully wrapped


Stila’s One Step Correct Review

I bought the One Step Correct from Stila a month or 2 ago and I am convinced that it is made with a little bit of magic!20140307-191841.jpg

So what is it and how does it work?
Well, it’s basically a primer, skin brightener and a color corrector but with an amazing triple-swirled helix formula that makes all the difference.
The formula contains a Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex which is said to hydrate and balance the skin, diminish the look of fine lines, minimize pores and control oil. Ooooh, fancy!


20140307-183904.jpgCan you see the 3 colors in the images above? Yup? Okay, so that’s the triple-swirled helix that I mentioned above. Each color in the swirl serves a different purpose:
Green: minimizes redness;
Lavender: counteracts sallow undertones and
Peach: brightens, illuminates and diminishes the appearance of sunspots.
Pretty smart, hey?

That’s all cool, but does it really work??
Well, on the packaging it promises to ‘immediately improve skin tone, even out your complexion and helps to smooth fine lines.’ and honestly, it delivers just that, well except for the fine lines thing because I didn’t have any to start off with so I wouldn’t know, but it definitely improves skin tone and the complexion.

The first time I used it, I could immediately see the difference in my skin. It looked much more even and brighter than before, which was great considering my skin was very dull due to acne scars 😔.

I’ve even noticed a difference in the size of my pores – I had very large pores around my cheek area and these have decreased in size after I started using Stila’s One Step Correct.

So yup, it really does work but don’t expect it to cover up acne scars or other marks, it’s just a corrector not a foundation or concealer.

And is it suitable for acne-prone or sensitive skin?
OH MY GOD, yes! I have both acne-prone and sensitive skin and it works so well with my skin. I have experienced absolutely no breakouts from using it, whatsoever. I promise! And I’ve been using it for a while now, I use it every morning, without fail, on a cleansed face before applying my sunblock and it’s amaze!

So it’s worth it then?
Definitely! It retails for about R375-R385 which is fairly priced for a product that actually delivers what it promises. It’s certainly a product that you won’t regret buying! You should try it out ☺️!

Here’s to bright and even-toned skin, lovelies!


3 chic and easy outfits for a perfect Summer’s day




Amazing picture that I took at North Beach in Durban. Beautiful.

Amazing picture that I took at North Beach in Durban. Beautiful.


In my family, we rarely ever plan anything, unless it’s a wedding – of course!  Every outing, picnic or trip to the beach is usually a spontaneous decision, made an hour before we leave home. That gives me only an hour to do my makeup and pick out an outfit and fab accessories and a hijab – it’s totes ridic, I know! But I love summer and spending time with my fam, therefore I created 3 go-to outfits that are chic, easy and hijab appropriate and that won’t leave me dressing up in the car, due to time constraints.



Look 1: Beach Chic


Dress: Mr Price; Necklace: Orelia, Forever New; Sandals: Woolworths; Chambray Shirt:; Woolworths; Stila Lippie: Truworths

Dress: Mr Price; Necklace: Orelia, Forever New; Sandals: Woolworths; Chambray Shirt:; Woolworths; Stila Lippie: Truworths


I love maxi dresses. These dresses transition great from day to night, with a simple swop of accessories which make them a great investment. This look is perfect for a day at beach, chilling in the sand and maybe even going for a little leg-dip in the water.

Throwing a denim shirt over a maxi dress is brilliant, especially if you burn quite easily in the sun. Due to it being a day at the beach, I like to keep accessories to a minimum – we don’t want to blind anyone with our bling, now do we?



Look 2: Picnicking at the Park


Top: Mr Price; Skinnies: Mr Price; Cross Body Bag: Woolworths; Sandal: Legit

Top: Mr Price; Skinnies: Mr Price; Cross Body Bag: Woolworths; Sandal: Legit


I love the park, playing on the swings, engaging in an informal game of cricket/soccer and enjoying a yummy hotdog whilst chilling on a camping chair – yup, that’s how we do it.

During picnics, because of all the activities you are involved in, you want to make sure that you are fully covered and that all chances of flashing someone, is eliminated .That’s why a pair of skinnies is perfect. Choose one that’s pretty and has a bit of whimsy to it, like this one, with all the polka dots – so cute!  Pair your bottoms with a plain, white top whilst adding some colour to your look with a nifty bag and cute shoes.



Look 3: Crop-top heaven


Top: Mr Price; Skirt: Mr price; Sandal: Mr Price; Chain: Woolworths; Bracelets: Mr price

Top: Mr Price; Skirt: Mr price; Sandal: Mr Price; Chain: Woolworths; Bracelets: Mr price


This outfit is great for any type of activity, be it shopping, beaching or even a visit to your nearest Wakaberry.

Crop tops seems to be all the rage recently, you can wear it by pairing it with a high-waisted maxi skirt and a gold statement necklace– you are still showing off the crop top but without showing any skin, total hijabness! Add on a bunch of gold-toned bracelets and cute sandals to take the look to the next level.



Hope you are having a great summer!



4 of South Africa’s best online shopping sites!

I discovered the joys of online shopping in March of this year, and I have been obsessed ever since. The fact that you can do an insane amount of shopping whilst sitting on your couch, with the added bonus of not having to deal with long queues, really appealed to me.
I have tried out many online shopping sites, since March, but there are 4 sites, in particular, that have stood out as a result of the great customer service and product quality they each offer. And here they are, in no particular order:


1)Runway Sale:

Runway Sale offers designer brands at a discounted price but for a limited time only. Sales are only open to members and usually only a limited quantity of items are available, so you got to be quick. Some of their previous sales/events include Guess Jewellery and Watches, Triumph, Bronx Women, Playtex, Banana Moon and many others. In order to know when a sale is going down, become a member and receive email notifications or like them on twitter and Facebook and lookout for updates.

Delivery Fee: R45


2)Faithful to Nature:

Faithful to nature sells natural and organic products ranging from great skin care to healthy food and even some great home ware items. Each product is checked to verify that it is indeed green, earth-friendly and safe for us to use. They also have this cool policy that ensures that a free sample is included with every order that you make – with my last purchase I scored a 50ml bottle of naturalmente shampoo- totes amaze!

Delivery Fee: R35 and free delivery for orders over R250.



Style 36 is a retailer of both men’s and women’sfashion, as well as beauty. They have a great mix of both local and international brands and designers, as well as items in different price ranges catering to those of us on a budget (such as sad, sad university students like myself). I recently purchased from Style36 – Cyber Monday feeeeeveeeeer- and was pleased to note that they request a copy of your ID and the front of your credit card to verify that it is really you making the purchase!

Delivery Fee: Free! Free! Free! Every day, all day!



RubyBox has both a beauty boutique and what they call a “try-before-you-buy” beauty subscription of R119 a month. Their beauty boutique is stocked with great products from great brands, such as Stila, Smashbox, Yves Rocher, Soap & Glory and even Urban Decay, oh yeeah. They are even offering free delivery until 31 December 2013, now that is something to cheer about!

Delivery fee: R50 and free on all orders over R300.


If you haven’t checked out these sites yet, I suggest you do! Customer satisfaction is their aim and it is highly evident from the high level of customer service and astounding product quality that they are all achieving it.


Happy online shopping!



The perfect solution for makeup storage

For months, I’ve been nagging my mom to get me one of those Kardashian Make-up Organizers, you know,  those acrylic ones that look so amazing and give you a 360 view of all your make up?

Well, eeeek! She got me one! And so naturally, I’ve already stocked it up with all my make up items, but somehow feel that I need more make up to fill up all the empty spaces.

Here it is:

4 tiers of awesomeness..

4 tiers of awesomeness..


So it looks kind off small in the image above, but trust me its not. It is 300mmx300mmx300mm, it is 4 tiers high with 3 drawers and flip top tier – for perfumes and whatever. And I removed those dividers from the drawers, it just was not working for me. What a great organizer! I love it okaaaay. Simply love it.

And have you seen the handles?? It’s these gorgeous little, acrylic crystal handles and they go perfectly with my room.


I can not stop fiddling with these handles! Love it!

I can not stop fiddling with these handles! Love it!


My mom bought it for either R999 or R1099 (I wasn’t really paying attention, I was just too excited!!) from one of the lady’s she knows at work. Thank God for mothers! And I love you mom!

Here’s a few more images of my new, favourite thing:

meep 038


meep 039

meep 040

Okay, I’m off to admire my darling little make up organizer now..



Monday Morning Madness: My 3 minute beauty fix

Every Monday, no matter how early I set my alarm, I am late for campus. On a typical Monday morning, I usually rush out of the house with a slice of toast in my mouth and a cup of tea in my left hand, whilst attempting to lock my front door and gate, and trying desperately not to drop anything. Yup, my Monday mornings suck.
I realized what takes up the most time in the morning, is figuring out what to wear and applying my beauty products . Now, I can’t really  not wear clothes or go bare-faced to campus – so, I had to find a way to ensure that these daunting but totally essential tasks don’t take up so much of time.
I decided that my OOTD will be contemplated whilst I’m in the shower – head scarf, top, bottoms and shoes.  One task down, oh yeeeeah!
As soon as I get out the shower, I begin my 3 minute beauty fix. 7 items in 3 minutes – yes, it’s totally possible!
I chose the 7 items that will make the most  impact. Plus, I am going to campus so I don’t want to look OTT or like I just painted my face on, therefore sticking to just 7 items was a good plan.
Each item takes no longer than 30 seconds to apply, I kid you not, and here they are:

1) Dermalogica Active Moist (30 seconds) 

You can’t start a day without moisturizer. You simply can not. No question about it. It’s a sin and a crime and totally frowned upon! Apply moisturizer every day. Every frikken day. More than once too, if needed.

 I usually use different moisturizers depending on the weather. And since it is almost summer, Active Moist works quite well. It’s keeps my skin moisturized all day and I don’t experience any breakouts, which is awesome!
meep 039
I apply an almond-sized ( because pea-sized is just unrealistic!) amount of Active moist to my neck and face.
2) Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (30 seconds)
I love this mascara. It lengthens my lashes and creates volume without clumping or making my lashes dry and flaky.
meep 028
I apply 3 coats – without allowing the prior coat to dry before applying the next – because I simply don’t have the time to let them dry first.
3) Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten (30 seconds) 
This eyeshadow is heavenly! It has great staying power and achieves the same look regardless if it applied with a brush or your finger.
meep 038
I apply a dot this eyeshadow, to the inner corners of my eyes, using my pinky. This helps to awaken the eye, and makes you appear fresh and well rested.
4) Catrice Smokey Eye Pencil (30 seconds)
I can not live without this eye pencil. I never leave home without eyeliner, therefore I never leave home without this beaut!
I just glide this baby onto my lower waterline and smile because I know I will never hear anyone tell me that I look sick or tired. Woohoo!
5)  Smashbox Blush Rush in Peony (30 seconds)
This is one of the best blushes I’ve come across in a long, long time  – it is not too pigmented but neither is it too light. It is the perfect shade.
meep 032meep 034
I lightly dab my blush brush onto the compact and easily sweep it across my cheeks. Perfectly rosy cheeks in seconds 🙂
6) Lancôme Lipstick in Rouge (15 seconds)
This is a red lipstick. Yes, it is. But take a look at my swatches below. Both swatches are of the same lipstick in the same shade, but the one on the right is achieved by applying a minimal amount and then  blending it in. It still maintains some of it’s color without being overbearing, which is perfect for that just-bitten look.
meep 037
meep 035
7) Softlips Pure Papaya Organic Lip conditioner (15 seconds)
I’ve been using Softlips ever since I can remember. It’s great because it’s super slim and can easily slip into your pocket and it makes your lips feel super duper amazing.
meep 036
This particular one, has a yummy Papaya scent, sometimes I just want to eat up my lips, relax..I’m kidding!..Nope actually, I’m not.
After applying my Lancôme Lipstick, I apply two coats of my tasty Papaya Softlips, pop in to my pocket/ bag and then apply it throughout the day. Smooth, healthy lips all day long 🙂


I use Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Foundation to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin

For the past few years, I have been obsessed with discovering the secret to
achieving a gorgeous, radiant glow on the skin using make up – and I’ve finally got it!

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Foundation (see step 1)
  2. Foundation Brush
  3. Stila’s All over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten
  4. Rose Water

meep 109

Step 1: Find a suitable foundation.

I have very sensitive skin, so I was searching for a product that:

  • had a sun protectant factor:
  • wouldn’t irritate my skin or make me breakout and
  • wouldn’t cake up or look like like I just painted my face on.

And so, after experimenting with foundations of different brands, I eventually found my perfect fit. Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene range of foundation in the shade ‘Soft Toast’ suited me perfectly.

Step 2: Mix 2 parts foundation to 1 part of Stila’s Liquid Luminizer in Kitten

On the back of your hand, mix 2 parts foundation to 1 part of Stila’s Liquid Luminizer in Kitten (see review here). The luminizer is essential as this is what gives you the beautiful, radiant glow. However, be sure not to add too much luminizer, you don’t want to shine that bright now .

Step 3: Spray rose water on to your face

After cleansing and moisturizing, spray a little bit of rose water on to your face. Rose water is great for toning and calming the skin, and it helps to achieve a smoother, silkier finish.

Step 4: Apply luminized foundation to wet face.

Before applying the foundation mix, ensure that the rose water has not yet been absorbed by the skin. It needs to be in liquid form in order to homogenize (mix well) with the foundation to achieve the smooth and silky finish.

And that’s it! Just 4 items and 4 mini steps to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin. Here’s to glowing skin, woohoo!


Stila’s Best of Kitten Set

During my recent shopping spree at RubyBox, I purchased this amazing Stila Best of Kitten set.

meep 101

The set contains Stila’s:

  • All over shimmer liquid luminizer in kitten;
  • Smudge stick waterproof eye liner in angel fish;
  • Eye shadow in kitten;
  • Lip glaze in kitten and
  • A super cute make up bag.

I simply adore this set is because it is adds a touch of sparkle without overdoing it, which makes it a must have for this holiday season. Moreover, all of the products are in a neutral shade which works well with any skin tone.

From left to right: Stila's eye shadow in Kitten, Lip Glaze in Kitten, All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten and Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Angel Fish.

From left to right: Stila’s eye shadow in Kitten, Lip Glaze in Kitten, All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten and Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Angel Fish.

The eye shadow and eyeliner both have great staying power and assists in awakening the eyes.  Whilst the lip glaze adds a touch if sparkle to the lips. Together, these 3 products are great if you want to achieve a stunning everyday look for campus or work, without being OTT.

The shimmer liquid luminizer is my favourite product of them all. I add a tiny bit to my foundation to achieve gorgeous glow and I dab a little to the apple of my cheeks and under my brows to highlight these areas.

Stila’s best of kitten set is a great buy and is a steal at only R289.95. It will make a great edition to your make up collection or will be a perfect gift for a friend or family member!

P.S. I got mine for only R239.95 from RubyBox, thanks to my large sum of RubyRands!