Eid 2015 {OOTD}

As most of you know, along with the rest of the Muslim community in SA, I celebrated Eid on Saturday.

Besides spending time with our family and eating some really great food, we also take our Eid outfits very seriously and always ensure that we look our very best for the very special day.

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Monochromic Winter {OOTD}

Unlike the other parts of South Africa, cold & rainy wintery days are rare in Durban. Collectively, throughout the 3 Winter months, we probably experience about a week or 2 of true Winter.

To ensure that I’m prepared for our very short Winter, I always have a few go-to outfits on hand.
I tend to steer away from the usual jacket-jeans-tee combo and try to be more creative when it comes to my winter looks.
Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing with you guys my other winter looks but for today we’ll stick to my monochromic winter look. Continue reading

Double Denim {OOTD}

I love denim! And denim shirts are defo a favourite of mine. You can pair them with pants, jeans, skirts and even over dresses, so they are definitely a must-have!

For this look, I paired a lighter denim shirt with a much darker pair of denim skinnies because I mean, denim on denim is just so chic. For my accessories, I opted for a pretty yellow bag and statement necklace and a pair of nudish flats. I completed the look with a multi-shaded brown pashmina/shawl. Totally effortless!







Shirt: Truworths
Jeans: Truworths
Bag: Forever New
Flats: Foschini
Scarf: Closet Find

Versatility {OOTD}

Hello and Salaams to all my lovely readers!

So it wasn’t my plan to do an OOTD post at the start of Ramadaan but it sort off just happened, so I hope you enjoy this one!

For this OOTD post, I wanted to feature items that are versatile and basic and that can be dressed up or down – basically, items that will go with any and everything in your wardrobe!


So the maxi cardi was sent to me by the lovely Aadilah Tootla (you can find her on Instagram here), an amazing designer and blogger too! The cardi is one of the latest design additions to her label, Zaynah Mod Wear (you can find them on Instagram here) and is available in pink and brown and in sizes XS-XXL.

What I like about it, is the fact that it’s easy to wear. It can be thrown over an abaya or dress or worn with a pair of jeans or leggings – there is no hard and fast rule, anything goes! It will make a great addition to your wardrobe, especially for Ramadaan!

To maintain my modesty whilst still remaining trendy, I opted for a t-shirt dress rather than just a plain basic tee. The t-shirt dress provided a loose fit all round, unlike that of a basic tee.
And well a maxi skirt and a pair of D’orsay pumps are always a great choice!
The darker shade of the pumps, the tee and the skirt anchored the look and kept everything in balance.

For my accessories, I went really basic with just a statement necklace, a quilted messenger bag and 2 skinny bangles. These added just enough of the extra oomph needed to complete look!

All of the items featured can be worn alone or with others, and are a definite must-haves!






Maxi Cardigan: Zaynah Mod Wear or info@zaynah.co.za 
Scarf: Hanayen
T-shirt Dress: Legit
Maxi skirt: Mr Price
Flats: Gino Paoli
Necklace: Truworths
Bag: Forever New
Bangles: India

And oh yes, Ramadaan Mubarak lovelies! Remember to take advantage of all the opportunities in this holy month to be a better friend, sister, mother, wife and muslim!


Mostly Monochrome {OOTD}

I’ve been wanting to do an OOTD post for the blog for ages now and yesterday I finally got down to doing it.

I wore this outfit for my very chilled and intimate 21st birthday party, I had my very close family in attendance and it was a day truly to be remembered!
For my outfit, I kept everything from the shoulders down monochrome whilst adding colour with my scarf. I decided to skip all accessories as my outfit didn’t really need anything extra – it was perfect all on it’s own!

birthday+more 491

birthday+more 496

birthday+more 505

birthday+more 501

birthday+more 523

birthday+more 598

Blazer: Truworths
Tulle Skirt: StyleXplora
Scarf: Sowsan Scarves
Pointed Courts: Truworths

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Review

I have an inexplicable love for Smashbox products, I don’t know how or when it started, but I just do! And this BB cream has just took the intensity of my love to a whole other level!


So what is it and how does it work?
Well like most BB creams, it’s formulated to perfect, prime, protect, hydrate and control oil. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer with the added extra of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid which aids in the skin’s regenerative processes. This beaut even promises to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in just 4 weeks and it has an SPF of 35.Say whaaaaaat??



That’s all cool, but does it deliver what it promises?
Yes, yes, yes and a thousand yes’s more! It is frikkin’ amazing. The first day I wore it to campus, I received many compliments from my friends and classmates. Everyone commented on how brilliantly my skin was clearing up. Now, keep in mind, that I have acne scars on my cheeks so when I applied the BB cream, it covered it up but in a natural way – it looked as if the scars got lighter and as if I wasn’t wearing anything on my skin.

So basically, it offers sheer coverage with a natural finish. Some say it offers a matte finish and others, a more dewy finish, but I honestly believe that it all depends on what you wear under the BB cream. I apply both my facial oil and sunblock before applying the BB cream so I guess this is what results in the natural finish on my skin.

Above is a little bit of the BB cream in Light/Medium and below is what it looks like once blended, it’s almost undetectable but the effects are so evident. Love it!


And is it suitable for acne prone or sensitive skin?
See, hmm, I’m not too sure if it is. As you know, I have extremely sensitive skin that is wildly acne prone and I have been using this product since Feb. However, the product that I was using since Feb, was my sisters and on Saturday I bought my own. So, up until Saturday I never had any issues, no breakouts, no itchiness or redness, basically no side effects. But ever since Saturday, I’ve got two pimples and my skin is super itchy. So yeah.
If you do have acne-prone skin, you might want to stay away from this product!

Hmm, okay so do you think it’s worth it then?
Definitely! There’s no question about it. It’s a great multi-use product with so many benefits and is perfect if you are an on-the-go type of girl. It’s simple, easy and natural and I love it! And for only R390, it’s a must have!

Here’s to pretty skin ❤️

3 chic and easy outfits for a perfect Summer’s day




Amazing picture that I took at North Beach in Durban. Beautiful.

Amazing picture that I took at North Beach in Durban. Beautiful.


In my family, we rarely ever plan anything, unless it’s a wedding – of course!  Every outing, picnic or trip to the beach is usually a spontaneous decision, made an hour before we leave home. That gives me only an hour to do my makeup and pick out an outfit and fab accessories and a hijab – it’s totes ridic, I know! But I love summer and spending time with my fam, therefore I created 3 go-to outfits that are chic, easy and hijab appropriate and that won’t leave me dressing up in the car, due to time constraints.



Look 1: Beach Chic


Dress: Mr Price; Necklace: Orelia, Forever New; Sandals: Woolworths; Chambray Shirt:; Woolworths; Stila Lippie: Truworths

Dress: Mr Price; Necklace: Orelia, Forever New; Sandals: Woolworths; Chambray Shirt:; Woolworths; Stila Lippie: Truworths


I love maxi dresses. These dresses transition great from day to night, with a simple swop of accessories which make them a great investment. This look is perfect for a day at beach, chilling in the sand and maybe even going for a little leg-dip in the water.

Throwing a denim shirt over a maxi dress is brilliant, especially if you burn quite easily in the sun. Due to it being a day at the beach, I like to keep accessories to a minimum – we don’t want to blind anyone with our bling, now do we?



Look 2: Picnicking at the Park


Top: Mr Price; Skinnies: Mr Price; Cross Body Bag: Woolworths; Sandal: Legit

Top: Mr Price; Skinnies: Mr Price; Cross Body Bag: Woolworths; Sandal: Legit


I love the park, playing on the swings, engaging in an informal game of cricket/soccer and enjoying a yummy hotdog whilst chilling on a camping chair – yup, that’s how we do it.

During picnics, because of all the activities you are involved in, you want to make sure that you are fully covered and that all chances of flashing someone, is eliminated .That’s why a pair of skinnies is perfect. Choose one that’s pretty and has a bit of whimsy to it, like this one, with all the polka dots – so cute!  Pair your bottoms with a plain, white top whilst adding some colour to your look with a nifty bag and cute shoes.



Look 3: Crop-top heaven


Top: Mr Price; Skirt: Mr price; Sandal: Mr Price; Chain: Woolworths; Bracelets: Mr price

Top: Mr Price; Skirt: Mr price; Sandal: Mr Price; Chain: Woolworths; Bracelets: Mr price


This outfit is great for any type of activity, be it shopping, beaching or even a visit to your nearest Wakaberry.

Crop tops seems to be all the rage recently, you can wear it by pairing it with a high-waisted maxi skirt and a gold statement necklace– you are still showing off the crop top but without showing any skin, total hijabness! Add on a bunch of gold-toned bracelets and cute sandals to take the look to the next level.



Hope you are having a great summer!